Thursday, March 27, 2014

That pine air freshener smell.

Only,  I’ve never been inclined to have one of those tacky little things hanging down from the rear view mirror.


You know the one.

air freshener


Instead,  it occurred to me yesterday afternoon on my way back from Tamarack Lumber that I much preferred the more realistic kind.


Between the smell of fresh pine,  or cedar?  That’s a tough choice.

Got a couple little things on the go.  Firstly,  there’s a little project for Daughter Number Two that I said I’d make (a while back) that I’ll now turn my attention to.  More on that,  much later.

And then there’s the small matter of replacing one of the window stools in the dining room that has suffered a wee bit of sun damage. 


It *looks* OK,  but right there at the eye of the “low pressure area”,  the centre part has started to come away.  Can’t have that.

Certainly not rocket science.  I’ll likely use the same “Spar Varnish”  that I used on the windows.  It’s the hardiest stuff I can find that will ward off damage from too much sun.

Anyhoodle,  it’s been a fun morning so far,  and that’s mostly since the stuff that I’ve ordered over the last few days is starting to show up on the doorstep.   This is once again a brief snippet of “My Life as a Recluse” that I go on about from time to time.

I do tend to get a little giddy.


First there was this one.


The UPS Dude simply leaves it on the front step.   I was in the garage shop,  so I heard a bit of a commotion out front. 


Ooh lookie!  It’s from my favourite company!

They were having a “free shipping” dealski until the end of the month,  so I rounded up some of my treasured gift cards,  and had at it.

Give me a gift card from Lee Valley,  and I’m as happy as pig in….you know.


I already have plenty of clamps,  but I’ve been meaning to make a couple of these little wooden guys now for, oh I don’t know,  maybe twenty years?  I just figured I’d order a couple.  And the expanding collets on the left there are for the lathe.  I need to get back to that.  Gotta stop this working on the house business.  Need to play a bit.

Here’s just another reason why this is one of my favourite companies.


They even include a ready-made return label,  in case you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.  How awesome is that?   There’s no going online and printing off a form.  Or any other BS.   No wonder they’re opening a newer bigger location up in Vaughn.  I’m not sure I’ll need to go there, so I’ll have to be content with the pics they put on the Book of Face.   Used to be I’d have to trek all the way up to the store that’s being replaced on Steeles Avenue.  There’s a store in Burlington now. Can I use that word “giddy” again?

Then when I thought that was it for the day,  there was a knock at the front door, and it was a Canada Post Dude with our new water filters for the fridge.


His “deal” is,  he pulls up,  leaves the package and then knocks on the door,  which can sometimes give me a bit of a jolt,  depending on what I’m doing.   Used to be he’d set the dog off big time when he lived here.  And THAT was an even bigger jolt,  let me tell ya!   Just one bark,  but man that little bugger is loud!




There was a slight price reduction if you ordered three.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be drinking water for the next little while,  so getting three is a safe bet.  They tend to last about six months I find,  and on Sunday we noticed the water was starting to taste a bit like regular City of Burlington water. 

That is to say,  not the best.  Sure enough, the sticker I had put on that filter clearly said,  “Change by February 2014).   OK then.


Oh,  about those little lathe thingies?   They fit on a particular type of chuck I have. 



Well mostly.  The company that makes these little expanding collets want you to buy their chuck,  but I already have a "One Way" chuck,  and it’ll do just fine.

It normally has four jaws that I had to remove in order to insert the little stem, but no big deal.  Anyway,  you don’t really give a rat’s tiny behind about that,  let’s just move on here,  shall we?

So here’s the thing,  the Lee Valley stuff wasn’t ordered until Tuesday.  The filters were ordered Monday.  That’s pretty good delivery times I’d say.

Now,  the webcam?  *pfft*  I ordered it Sunday night,  and finally TUESDAY AFTERNOON I got a confirmation email that the order had gone in.   Not shipped.  No no.  Just,  you know,  they were wandering around the warehouse looking for it?  Or something.  

This was something that I ordered from The Source, which used to be Radio Shack here in Canada.  Remember Radio Shack?   It’s *still* Radio Shack in the States,  but there was a big kafuffle back in 2005,  which is too long and drawn out to explain,  but you can read all about it if you go to that link above.   Anyway,  it ain’t Radio Shack in these here parts anymore.

I probably should have stuck with Amazon,  but I figured I’d give The Source a shot,  as the camera was the “Deal of the Day”.  That’ll learn me.   

Of course,  they want me to give my opinion as to the delivery service,  and whether I get my order in a timely fashion etc. etc.   Sometimes you know,  it’s best not to ask?   Hey, the day is not over,  and even if it comes by tomorrow,  that would be acceptable.     I mean, the expectations have now been set pretty high after all.  There was that whole getting a TV delivered within five days thing,  as well as the carpet cleaner that was what?  Two days? Three?  I don’t exactly remember,  but it was pretty damned quick I know that.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


Oh and,  all grammar mistakes are intentional.


  1. The delivery service now is pretty amazing I must say compared to just a few short years ago.

  2. WhooHooo... must have felt like Christmas! After 3 months out of the States (no mail... no mail service for that matter)... Bill & I both have been doing the "shop by mail" thing. Sure beats driving to the store and dealing with all that entails. By the way... seemed like all the taxis in Coco (Costa Rica) had one of those air freshener thingys hanging from the rear-view mirror... strawberry seemed to be the favorite, but I preferred pine. I don't want to know what smells they were covering up ;-)

  3. On line is so easy I even am able to deal with the endless emails telling me the order is received, it is packed, it is shipped, track it here, oh, by the way, your package was delivered today, please review your purchase.

  4. Nice to see you're making online businesses successful. Even without the pine smell... ;c)

  5. Hey, I just hung one of those tacky little things in my Jeep last summer. Not so much because the Jeep needed a new smell as it was an impulse buy to send me on a little trip down memory lane. My very first car back in 1963 was a VW Bug & those tacky Pine scents were all the rage. Always had a fresh one hanging on the mirror for those roaring Saturday night dates. Ya, those Piney things are always a good trip down memory lane for me.........:))

  6. You are a real handy man. Good in you.

  7. Ordering online is so much easier than dealing with the salespeople in most of the stores - love it.

    Love Lee Valley Tools as well - great store, we have one about 30 minutes from us.


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