Friday, March 14, 2014

Tough Crowd.

Well I certainly didn’t get any sympathy from the peeps on the weather front.  And thanks heaps for pointing out just how warm and sunny it is wherever you happen to be.  No really.  I just so love that. 

At one point when I was out doing the driveway*,  my neighbour from a across the way was also out there,  and commented that it wasn’t fun any more. The whole shovelling snow thing.  And how all over Europe they’re going around in shirt sleeves.   (He’s originally from Sarajevo,  so he must torment himself with looking at the temperatures “back home”.)

*Oh,  that’s an expression that is readily understood wherever show shovels are sold. 

Anyway,  I think I mentioned something about it never having been “fun” as far as I was concerned,  and that was about the extent of our conversation.   I suppose that was a bit cold.  Pardon that pun.

Maybe the citizens of Iqaluit stand outside and chat when it’s cold out,  but it’s never been a big draw for me.  My biggest challenge is keeping my hands warm, and it doesn’t matter one bit how “high tech” the gloves might be,  I’m hard pressed to stay out long enough to finish the whole driveway before coming in to warm up.  Just the hands, mind you. This is where the heated garage is a bonus.  Means I don’t have to sheepishly come into the house.

Not too much going on here at the Ponderosa.  I’m still painting,  along with some of the fussy little things that crop up with that program. 

Like,  discovering a joint that has failed,  for example.



Turned into a bit of a gap after I started poking around in there.  Kind of like picking a scab.


But it’ll be ready for primer tomorrow.


The dining room used to be two rooms previously,  with a room at the back of house that I suppose would be referred to as a “Den”.  I don’t think we have such a thing anymore.  We started calling it “The Room that Time Forgot”,  since we’d put things in there and basically forget about them.  So I knocked down a wall and made it one big room,  closing off the other end with a set of French doors.

Which is the perfect opportunity to shove in one more boring photo that I took today.



I think that the lath that is in the walls down close to the convector had been expanding and contracting, and that’s what weakened the joint.  Maybe.

Best guess.

Or I was getting tired at that point?  A better guess.

I shoved in some reinforcing tape and used plaster this time around.  We’ll check back in another 20 years or so. 


Bored yet?

I’ll stop now.


Thanks for looking in.


Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Here, the condos and such have leaf blowers (do they work double duty as snow blowers?)... and those babies are SO noisy and annoying, I'd rather sweep... or shovel snow... manually than listen to that whine. So, if you use a shovel, at least you can hear yourself mutter as you work ;-)

  2. Warmer days are a coming...soon.

  3. I think you need to get out somewhere there is no snow and even maybe some sunshine:)

  4. Just the thought of all that snow shoveling gives me cold feet, the heck with the hands!

  5. Hang in there - sunshine will be there soon to help with the shoveling. But I must tell you it sure is beautiful and warm down here in AZ.

  6. There truly is little sympathy for bad weather. Realistically, folks would only get warmer, shifting one brain cell our direction. Can't blame them.
    Your indoor puttering is coming along nicely.

  7. No mention of the weather here, but no snow shovelling is my kinda place to be.

  8. Speaking of cold weather, 24 degrees here in mid Ohio this morning. No working on my little camper today. Haven't had enough sun to the solar panels to keep the batteries charged.

  9. Are you planning on selling the house what with all the upgrades and such.

  10. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

    Just to make you feel better, I have to report that a storm has been blowing (and rattling the windows) since last night, sending the temps down a few degrees. ;-)

  11. I remember shoveling snow. Not fondly remember, but I do remember.


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