Monday, March 3, 2014

It’s minus what?

Most likely preaching to the converted here,  but we do go on about the weather some times.


I only did that one so I could practise how to do a “print screen”,  although at this point I’ve forgotten already and will no doubt have to look it up again.  It still involves the “Paint” program,  which I’ve never used for anything else.


Here’s the thing.  I wouldn’t have actually known it was minus 19 outside this morning if Travelling Companion hadn’t blurted it out.  We do that whole lying in bed with our coffees as we watch TV in the morning thing.  It can be habit forming. But I can dig it.

The other thing that I can totally dig is, being completely oblivious to what was going on outside temperature wise.

See, it wasn’t always that way.  Once upon a time this house was pretty darned draughty.  (I wanted to say,  “drafty”,  but my spell check doesn’t like that one,  prolly ‘cause I’m on the British system here.  That’s OK.)

The story goes, that one evening not long after we moved in here (winter of ‘92) T.C. thought the cat was moving around behind the curtains in the living room.  No sir! 

I was on afternoons at the time,  so I didn’t witness this little phenomenon.

Turns out there was a pain of glass that was missing.  No,  not just an open window,  but an actual f**ing pane of glass missing! 

Honest to Gawd!

Of course, I couldn’t exactly ask the former owner just what the heck happened,  since he had passed away the previous December.  

So my first job was to get some glass cut.  And that was the beginning….of the jobs. 

See, in this “zone”,  something like 6 or 7,  some very wise building type research Dudes (and I read somewhere that they were Canadian,  go figure!) not only pointed out that attic insulation should be a whopping R49,  but that the biggest source of heat loss,  apart from not using non conductive materials (like thermo-pane windows) was AIR LEAKAGE. 

And man oh man,  did we have THAT.  In spades!

So this house and I are at odds in the leakage department.  The older it gets,  the tighter it gets. Thank-you.

Whereas in terms of my structural integrity in the leakage department?  Probably best not to go there.


I mean,  I did go out briefly to get the car out of the garage,  but it wasn’t until I hoofed it down to the bank that I truly realised how much of a nice day it was. 

For a penguin.

I was starting to question my decision when I was within the last 50 meters or so of my destination.  Telling myself a good brisk walk was a healthy choice.  Yup.

I’ll admit to this though,  if there were a vehicle sitting in the driveway,  I would have driven.  So in a way (and it’s a twisted sick, kind of f*cked up way) not having that second vehicle is a healthy thing for me. 

Boy howdy,  that sounds like a lifestyle choice.  Or at least that’s what I can tell myself.

Speaking of lifestyle choices, (do you see that coming?)  continuing to live for a little while longer is one of the choices we’ve both decided to make.  It’s for this reason that the two of us both have appointments at a certain clinic over the next few months.  

My only problem was,  I had misplaced the little slip of paper that I had used to keep track of my appointment.  So I had to call them.

They found me, so that was good.  And then I thought I might make use of one of the cute little add-ons that came with this computer.



It’s “post-it notes” for the computer screen!  I think some programmer must have had me in mind.

Once upon a time I used something called a Daytimer,  which was awesome for that kind of thing, along with keeping track of hours spent doing little odd jobs “on the side”.  I may have to get something.  I suppose there’s an “app” for that,  but I don’t have the device to put it on.   Wonder what I ever did with that Palm Pilot

It’s long gone, actually.

A friend foisted one off on us once upon a time,  and that damned thing never did work.


Meanwhile,  I’m up to my old tricks.




And yes,  it was good.  And yes,  I just might have another piece before the day is over.


I think I’ve managed to bugger up the ratio on a couple of those pictures,  but it’ll have to do.


Time to take off the “Susy Homemaker” apron and get familiar with the paint roller again. 

Oh joy!


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Not much I can do about the air leakage in the rig except get out another blanket. I have all my windows closed...

  2. Very funny and entertaining post. Got a few chuckles out of me, Thanks.

  3. If you have Picasa, print screen is easy. Open Picasa, let it run in the background and hit Function-Print Screen (or fn-prt sc). Magic. Done!

  4. I'd forgotten all about Palm Pilot... wonder where mine is? I think I quit using it because either it or the program I used became obsolete. Some days I think I've become obsolete as well....

  5. I had a day-timer once upon a time. Glad I no longer have need of it but don't ever try to take away my large "Month-at-a-glance" calendar! If I don't write it down - it won't happen.

  6. Just don't get so cold when you're out hoofing it that your brain gets chilled and you start mistaking your paint roller for your Susie Homemaker apron...and visa-versa! :cP

  7. Minus what? Is just way too cold, see if you can get that heatwave started up for us soon, please...

  8. Seeing you in such cold weather almost makes me feel bad - almost!!

  9. Cute post! Love your banana bread!

  10. Any temperature that starts out with "minus" is the pits.

  11. One of the tiles on your windows desktop is the calendar that you can do schedules with.....

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  13. Hello. I had to delete that comment for want of proof reading. I re-upped with your blog; I don't know how I came to fall away.
    OK, that's resolved.
    My grand kids have the five minute walk uphill to the school bus exquisitely timed. They cannot see it coming, but arrive just in time to step on. They did say if it's in the teens outside they do give themselves a couple more minutes.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. cr*p. Must be contagious, that proof reading affliction.
      Anyway, I'll try that again.

      I didn't punt you out. Trust me.
      I think from time to time, things "google related" tend to go somewhat sideways. Thanks for having the patience.


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