Monday, March 24, 2014

Out with the old.

I’ve ordered the “new”,  but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Ever since we came home slightly over a year ago,  I’ve been rummaging through “stuff”.  Some of it got turfed of course,  but other items were placed back in their original spots to…you know,  be put to use at a later date.

That’s always the theory of course.

You may recall we had a visitor from Austria come over and swing through Toronto so we could reconnect and yak about all the things he was up to and such?   This was back in December on a Saturday,  during a snow storm.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with driving to Toronto in a snow storm,  but our guest had arranged an extra couple days at the end of his business trip, just to come through Toronto to meet up with us.   So there was no bloody way we were going to wimp out.  That would have been just well…bad.

Anyhoodle,  Travelling Companion has been dutifully keeping in touch with this fellow,  and he had suggested that we have a Skype call on the weekend. 

I figured I had it covered.

I mean,  all I had to do was haul a web cam out of one of the drawers of this desk where I had stashed it,  and we’d be good to go.  Right?  


Usually when “new hardware” is hooked up to any computer I’ve ever sat at,  there will be some sort of indication that “new hardware was found”,  or something.  Anything.   Not this time.  Stupid thing just sat there.  I didn’t understand.

It’s like that scene in the fourth Star Trek movie,  where Mr. Scott tries talking to the computer,  and it just sits there.  He’s dumbfounded.  How come the computer can’t understand him?  Turns out,  it was old.

And there we have it.

Not willing to simply give up, I not only looked online for a program to download (and Windows 8 was NOT in the little pull down menu),  but I EVEN found the disk that came with the thing.   Talk about never throwing sh*t out.

“Your Operating System does not support this device”,  was the gist of the message that I discovered. 




Then,  in a moment of clarity,  I remembered that there was another camera that we had used when we were in Europe!  It’s newer! Or at least of a more recent vintage.  I got a little giddy,  I want to tell you.  But alas,  it would only run with Vista, XP or another couple older versions.   I don’t remember.  All I know is,  these things are now junk,  and I’m waiting for the new one to arrive on our doorstep in a day or two.   Isn’t technology fun?

This went from realising we’d need a microphone (the laptop had a built in one) to having to order a brand new toy.  Man oh man.

Oh,  and before you mention it,  someone did point out that “Google Hang-out” is probably a better choice than Skype,  since more than one person can be conferencing at the same time.  We’ll stick with what we know at this point,  since I already have the Skype account.  Just gotta get that camera.



I mentioned the other day that the painting was *mostly* done?  (Um,  I have a slight habit of leaving just the tiniest little bit of a project not quite finished,  and I’m trying to get away from that.  No, really.) 

I was missing a little spot up next to the air conditioning unit,  plus I still had some tape on the woodwork in the upper hallway.  This of course involves doing the high wire act on the plank there.  It’s not as bad as it looks.  The more onerous bit is getting the stupid plank back in the house without coming in contact with any freshly painted walls.  That would have been bad.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll do next.  It’s still too flippin’ cold out to do much of anything in the great outdoors.  And for those of you having to come back from the Sunny South?   Take your time,  ‘cause Springtime sure as hell is.


That’s as uplifting as I can get.  I’ll try better another time. 



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Well, I don't know how to use either Google Hangout or Skype so you're way ahead of me. I have no doubt you have a whole list of other projects to work on.

  2. All those projects! Hmmm... our 21 year old granddaughter came home Saturday... said she quit her job... was tired of working. Can I send her to you to help you with your projects?

  3. I'm surprized that you laptop does not have a built in Webcam, of course its a real old one.
    We have used Skype, Goggle Hangouts, Facetime, you can even do video chats with G mail.
    get the camera and do whatever works for you.

  4. Not sure what we're gonna do if the snow hasn't melted in Ottawa by April 25th and we can't get our car out of storage! Maybe there will be a heat wave in Ontario at some point before then. It's happened before...

  5. Ain't technology grand? My bonnie bride has now spent over 8 hours this past week on the phone to my dad who bought a new laptop and is completely befuddled over Windows 8.1.

    Sorta leaves you wishing for two tin cans and some string... ;c)

  6. Some new leaves are poking up in the garden. I believe they're the anemone I planted in the fall. I've never had them before, but do love their little faces. "Go back, go back!" I yelled. Another snow storm today, tomorrow. They never quit.


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