Sunday, March 2, 2014

And not a moment too soon.


First,  this:


So it “warmed up”. 

But often when that happens,  it’s just warm enough to snow. 


It was the light fluffy stuff,  so not overly daunting.  ‘Cause you know,  it is March after all.  We need to taper off. 

I think that should have been sarcastic font,  or maybe “eye rolling font”?

As it happened,  T.C. emailed me an article a couple days ago on just how easy it is to have a heart attack while shovelling snow.  OK then.   Trying to tell me something I’m guessing?

Had to do with constricted blood vessels,  caffeine,  nicotine (I don’t smoke) bla bla bla.  Apparently breathing ice cold air while getting a little cardio isn’t the best combination.  Who knew?

Hey, I’m not going hog wild out there.  It’s never a race.

We will be looking into getting a snow blower. Trust me. And THAT will guarantee that we’ll have a mild winter next year.  Just a prediction. 

I’ve survived this long, but I sure do miss having that working snow blower. I mean, I have one,  it’s just a non functioning one….

There’s no magic blue pill for non functioning snow blowers either.  Let’s not even go there.


So,  why “not a moment too soon”



The laptop was running just fine up here in the office,  and I was using it right along with the new machine to you know,  look up different things about Windows 8.

It’s always helpful to have a second device handy for looking up sh*t on the net.  Then when I figured it was time…I decided to move it downstairs. 

I guess it didn’t like that.


Can you see the lines on the screen there?



Um ya  She’s pooched.


That’s the culprit there.

The little box with “Toshiba” written on it?


It’s the drive, and I can hear it clicking.  That’s all it’ll do. 

click click click.

I suppose if I had some sort of sentimental attachment to it, I’d try and source a new drive or something.   But it’s by now an antique.  Bought in 08.   Coming up on six years.  That’s like nearly a hunnert in computer years.  Give or take.  I was all set to load ‘er up with Mint too.  Son-in-law had burned me a disc and everything.  Oh well.

Truthfully, there’s always a slight emotional attachment that we have with these things.  I remember spending hours playing Attack Chopper with Daughter Number Two on our Commodor 64.  It was awesome.  But eventually we moved on.

And really,  after all the computers we’ve had over the years,  you’d think I’d be a little more tech savvy than I currently am. 

Of course,  I gave up doing my own oil changes a while back too,  so it’s not like I’d want to strip down an engine and rebuild it, even though I’ve been driving a car for *thinks* FORTY-TWO years.   Jaysus,  best not to think of those things.  Just need to know how to drive it, not program it.


I might go down there and fart around with it some more.  You know, since I can’t really make it any worse.


Just to leave you with something tasty,  it’s rarely too cold to BBQ. 

Had us a couple of those tenderloin thingies.



Enjoy your evening.

Thanks for stopping by.





  1. A new snow blower should in fact insure a mild Winter.

    And yes, it is never too cold to BBQ...nice grill marks BTW.

  2. Well I'm not too sure about that snow blower = mild winter. Our son has a snow blower and let me tell you - they are getting record snows in Billings, MT. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Jim always used to BBQ in the snow. (He wanted to eat you know).

  3. Now those tenderlion thingys look just like ours on the Weber Q tonight too, oh soo good!

  4. I am a firm believer in having the right equipment to ensure you will not need it:)

  5. Get a new drive and put mint on it!!! You will not regret it....... Its soooo much better than ubuntu... And yet its based on Ubuntu...

  6. It's hard to part with an old computer, but we do. I guess it's the memories or something like that.


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