Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just waiting for the magic.

Supposed to happen at twelve something. 12:57 to be exact.

No really. That’s when it will be officially springtime. I can hardly wait! I got my shorts here at the ready.  ‘Cause it’s happenin’ baby!

Which is why it’s a good thing that I’m damned near finished my painting. I think though, that finishing the painting by the end of today will be more of a realistic expectation of how life will evolve in the next several hours.   I guess I’ll put those shorts back in the drawer now.

But hey,  it can only get better.   It’ll be stinkin’ hot soon enough.  I just wish we could sort of ease into it,  but that doesn’t always happen.



Have you ever seen this?



I had gone through the little bucket of drywall compound that I bought a few weeks ago at Home Despot,  and needed some more.

At first I thought this was a bit of a bizarre gimmick,  but it’s actually rather cool.

Naturally I didn’t READ the outside of the tub.   Why would I?



OK then.  Goes on pink,  turns white.


Here,  check this out.



So there’s no guess work.  Still took half a day for it to cure,  but at least I didn’t go over there to feather out the edges only to find that it wasn’t ready.   Of course,  I’m not going to need that whole tub of compound again for a while,  but that’s beside the point.

Really and truly,  that’s about the extent of the excitement around here.  No “adventures”.   Haven’t even got any paint on myself.  Not that I’d even fess up to that.

Oh,  I just checked my emails,  and got a note from Amazon.  Got my refund!

I sent that little box Monday morning I think it was. 

I have to say,  that’s pretty damned impressive.  Too bad the little device crapped out,  but sh*t happens.  Generally speaking,  I find the best warranty is to simply avoid certain brands,  but up until now of course,  I have no clue about blood pressure monitors.

Computers?  Well,  that’s a different deal.  There are certain ones that I wouldn’t take as a gift.  We won’t go there.  Well,  not too much anyway.

You know,  when a power supply craps out,  and you discover that you can’t just put in any power supply,  since the manufacturer has decided that they want to sell you THEIR overpriced model?  Because it’s “proprietary”.   F…

I won’t repeat the words that came out of my mouth at the time.  The Mom and Pop computer place that I took that particular abortion to would have happily taken my money if I had insisted on it,  but they told me it wasn’t worth it.   So that POS got recycled.



I seem to be putting myself in a foul mood here,  so that’ll be quite enough for today. 


Oh wait,  but before I do that though, one gratuitous food picture.



I’m pretty much brain dead in the mornings (don’t say it)  so when I had no freakin’ idea what we’d have for dinner last night,  I was actually rather relieved when Travelling Companion suggested Sheppard’s Pie.

Oh, I can do that!


And here’s something I learned.  We’ve always thought of this as Sheppard’s Pie,  when in actual fact it’s “Cottage Pie”.   Well, at least in the UK,  and I tend to think that’s where this dish originated.  Didn’t look it up. Not gonna either.

That sounds a bit weird,  I know. The first part, not the second.  But, unless you’re making it with minced lamb  (Sheppard=Sheep.  Baa!  Hello!) it’s not really Sheppard’s Pie.   I guess that makes sense.

I’ll still be calling it Sheppard’s Pie,  even though I use lean ground beef.

It was pretty damned good, which meant there were unfortunately no leftovers. 

So I gotta come up with something else for tonight. Dammit!



OK,  slipping back into the mood again.  We’re done.

Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. That spackle thing is a good idea, but couldn't they do it in blue? That pink just drains my testosterone.

  2. I do like that pink spackle. I'm always appreciative of products made for dunces like me to use properly. Sort of "Idiot Proof"... ;c)

  3. That is too funny because when we were at Walmart this morning I noticed a big poster with that stuff on it showing the pink and then white. Good to know it does work. I always hope for leftovers so I don't have to come up with some idea of what to have for dinner. Doesn't happen often enough for me.

  4. Mo used the pink spackle at the cottage and we laughed and laughed at how funny it looked. Your photos reminded me that we do have to eventually go back home and do house chores. In the mean time, just to make you feel better...think of my hours during the shifting of the Equinox spent in Antelope Canyon photographing true magic. Couldn't resist, Bob

  5. huh--the calendar may say spring in Montana but it will still be a long time coming--think we will stay in the AZ desert a while!

  6. That pink spackle is a great idea, Did not have that when I did all my reno's years ago.
    Love Shepherds pie too even if we make it with lean ground beef as well.

  7. Shepherd's Pie is one of my all-time favourite meals.

    That pink drywall stuff looks like a great idea except I hate anything to do with drywall.

  8. Good post. Don't want no sheep in my pie.


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