Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Loving these temperatures.



Did you think I meant that? 

Give yourself a shake.

I mean, it’s (was) a beautiful day out.  It’s sunny.  Gotta wear shades.  But flippin’ cold.

Matter of fact,  if the Buffalo Weather Dude puts up a map of Canada to explain all the temperatures,  then you know it’s worth a mention.  Most times, the weather report in the States is only the lower 48, with Canada being this big space up there.  Nothing to see there folks, just move along. 

I could do a whole thing on blinkered thinking when it comes to the “American News”.   You can deduce what I might be inferring from the use of those quotation marks.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.   Don’t need no hate mail.


Speaking of shades…(did you like that one?)



Got a call from the distributor letting me know that our new shades had arrived.  Thought I was in a time warp.  Had to go back and check the date on our correspondence and sure enough,  I had ordered these things exactly a week ago.   And it’s a custom order!  I guess things are slow this time of year? 

That’s just crazy.  It’s usually “four to six weeks”,  so I just figured “OK then,  it’ll be April.  No big deal.”


Getting so a feller can’t even count on people taking their sweet time.  Don’t get me wrong,  I hate calling up and asking where the heck my order is,  so it’s not like I’m complaining.  

Turns out I had soup on the stove when I got the call,  but that’s not such a big deal,  since I just shut it off and fired it up again when I got home.  I wasn’t gone long enough for it to even cool down much lower than scalding.

Figured I should start in using some of the noodles that Travelling Companion bought from the church Ladies on Sunday.

Do you think we have enough?



The last time,  she bought ONE bag,  and I thought that was plenty.  These are home made noodles.  I have a vague idea how to make home made noodles,  but I haven’t a clue how they get them so tiny.  Seriously.  In some restaurants you’d call it “Angel Hair”. They’re mighty fine,  in more ways than one.

Geez,  the puns are just a flowin’ ain’t they?


It’s a good day for soup.  And it’s another of those easy meals.  Never was much of a cook.

Which might explain why I just might have overdone it in the noodle department. Damned things always swell up more than I count on.


Still good though, even though it was more like gorp.  That might not be an accurate term.  “goop”?  “stew”?  It was a bit thick.


Are there many TV watchers out there I wonder?  There are only a couple shows that I can watch/tolerate.  I regularly watch Jeopardy,  although I’ve read that some of the fussier fans aren’t too keen on the current champion.  Seems he’s “smug” or something.  I think most anyone who thinks enough of themselves to go on Jeopardy must be just a tad smug.  Or definitely “something”.

He also messes with his competitor’s heads by jumping around on the board.  No rules against that.  AND,  he often finds all the daily doubles that way.   What is it we say to whiners and complainers?  “waaa”.  

Now shut up.

Um,  I think the point of the whole show is to walk away with as much money as possible,  or did I somehow miss that part?

Anyway,  there’s not too much else on.  I’ll watch “The Blacklist”,  ‘cause I’ve always liked James Spader.  His character NEVER answers a direct question,  and readily admits to being a criminal.   Lots of plot twists,  and scummy folks getting shot, because that’s what they had coming to them.  Fun stuff.

Now,  I’ll tell you what makes me gag.  During one of those lengthy commercials,  Travelling Companion made me flip over to “The Bachelor”.   I didn’t have a puke bucket handy,  but I could feel the bile rising.  It didn’t take a degree in psychology to see how shallow and self centred these people are.  And then, after I had to endure some sort of “heart to heart” two of them were trying to have, (some chick and “The Bachelor”)  I finally said, “Well, I know why he’s a bachelor,  he’s an asshole!” 

What a stupid show!

Speaking of somebody needing to get shot who deserves it.  Maybe there needs to be some sort of “cross-over”?  You know, James Spader can come along and plug the idiot full of buckshot.  Not quite lethal,  but sends a definite message.  Go back to your Momma.  Or better yet,  try listening instead of talking.  Asshole.


I think I’ll go sit in the corner now. 



Thanks for stopping by.


Oh and….all grammar mistakes are intentional.


  1. Nice to hear the sun is shinning, make it warmer sooner ok? Please.

  2. Ya I believed ya. Thought we'd be going home early......NOT:))

  3. That guy on Jepordy is a bit much ... Real matter of fact .... He uses the jumping all over the board as a way to take control .... He is smart, no doubt about it and in a lot of areas.... See how far it takes him !!!!

  4. Nothing like a good soup on a cold day, Bob.

  5. My late wife made me watch the Asshole...... Uh, I mean Bachelor... As you can tell, I agree with your summation of the show..

  6. "Hefty" soup in my language is stoop.

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  8. Maybe you need an excuse to head way south for a few months:)

  9. Enjoyed the post. One week delivery. Amazing.

  10. I don''t watch Jeopardy; I think it's just some dumb fucker trying to show off. I forgot all that kindergarden stuff years ago. What I need to know these days is very different stuff. Anyway....

    My wife has an attachment for her Kitchenaid that will create those superfine noodles. Sometimes they are ok; sometimes they are too - what - soggy? Anyway, we have a 50-50 batting average with them. Your dinner looked fine if maybe a little protein shy but then we are over-carnivores. LOL

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    1. Yes well, going around randomly slapping your sniveling little contribution of cr*p to the cr*p already on the internet?
      Not happenin'.
      Piss off.


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