Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well, we’re still waiting.

Of course,  the weather was one of the topics at our weekly Watering Hole Meeting yesterday.  We just have to remind ourselves that it is indeed still *only* March,  and the temperature can go up and down like a toilet seat. 

I vividly recall coming home from Puerto Rico in April of 2003 to a storm that closed Toronto International Airport.  It was April the sixth.  They ran out of glycol,  apparently.   Lucky for us though,  we flew in to Buffalo, where the weather was fine.  I think that’s a good example of irony,  as Buffalo is usually far worse off in the snow department than we are here on the windward side of the lake.  

They’re on the lee side of Lake Erie.  Do I need to explain “lake effect” snow?  Please say no.


So the birds are chirping their little heads off, but it’s still definitely jacket weather.  Or even a heavier coat depending on how long you stay out.  It’s confusing in the “what to wear” department.

The snow is going, (melting, I mean) so I can see the empty beer cans on the lawn.


OK fine,  there’s only one beer can,  and it appeared not long after I was out there giving the plum tree a haircut.  It’s worth 10 cents around here, so I’ll go fetch it and put it with the others in the shed. 


It’s ten cents!  C’mon!


A few years back, the very smart people who make these types of decisions decided to put a deposit on all bottles and cans purchased in the Province of Ontario.   One of my sisters-in-law who lives in Vancouver,  where they’ve had this kind of thing for a few years now said,  “It’s the stupidest idea ever.”  

I mostly agree,  although we don’t have any dumpsters close by that the bums can rummage through ad nauseum.    I mean really,  once one guy has gone through the dumpster and found his four or five bottles,  shouldn’t there be a system whereby he puts a mark on said dumpster so the next fellow doesn’t rummage around in there and come up empty handed?

What actually happened though was,  all the apartment buildings in Vancouver started locking their dumpsters,  and had to give everyone a key.   Which brings us right back to,  “It’s the stupidest idea ever.”   At least in that situation.

I habitually collect up four or five bucks worth of various bottles and cans,  and take a run to the Beer Store.  They’re the poor unfortunates who were saddled with this little gem of a concept. 


Meanwhile,  my painting project is *mostly* done.    We’ve gone from possibly filming an episode of Dexter

to pretty much the finished product.


No pictures have been rehung,  since I’m waiting for the committee to come back with the appropriate recommendations.   You’ll also notice that I’ve removed the millwork from the windows?   Two things,  the monkey boy who did the painting last (and no, I’m not talking about myself) got paint on the bottom of the trim,  AND one of the stools had suffered a wee bit too much sun damage.   It was a piece that was a little too close to the pith of the tree, and had started to do funny things.  It’ll be replaced.   I’ll get right on it.


You’ll also notice that I had to put in a link to a previous post where I had painted the ceiling?   Well,  that’s because it is basically lost,  as it’s on the drive of the old laptop.   I’m not willing to take it to someone and pay them to see if they can retrieve two or three photos.  Just not happening.  The drive is pooched,  and you’d need some sort of high fallutin’ forensics lab to get at them I’m sure.

The painting project did seem to take forever,  but it doesn’t help that there are sometimes minor little distractions along the way,  like having to reassemble one of the cabinets that has decided to fall apart.



Looks all fine and dandy from the front,  but the whole back had started to part company.


You can chastise me all you want,  but I didn’t chose to heat up some “hide glue” to reassemble all the parts.  Hide glue will fail at some point, which is the other reason it started to come apart.  I have no clue as to its age,  but it wasn’t really made as well as could be expected.  Which is exactly why it was coming apart.  Shouldn’t happen.  The drawers are dovetailed,  but that’s it.  Dovetail joinery isn’t used just ‘cause it’s “fancy looking”.  Dovetails don’t come apart.  The carcass itself was only put together with tenons,  and they weren’t even that deep.

Anyway,  I fixed the stupid thing and it’s back in service as a place to keep all the crap  wonderful candles and trinkets that we so love to keep.   I think I just rolled my eyes.


There was a question from Contessa as to whether all this painting and such has anything to do with moving again? 


We’re here for the duration.   It just so happens that it’s *that time*.    You know about,  *that time*.   Time for a fresh coat of paint, and all that kind of fun stuff. 

I guess the green that was there (which I quite liked,  by the way)  was too “nineties”.   Or something.   Damned if I know.  There were a couple nicks here and there where furniture had been moved,  but nothing that kept me awake at night.  Not much keeps me awake at night,  except perhaps a bladder the size of a walnut.


And with that pleasant thought,  I’ll bid you “Good Day,  eh?”


Keep that stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You need to cut down on the candles and trinkets to give that poor cabinet a break. Obviously, it was suffering from an overloaded condition. ;c)

  2. We save all our empties all winter long and bring the back home, almost pays for our fuel, well not quite...

  3. Iknow about "that time" I wish it would come here,the place is looking tired but there seems to be so much to do that "that time" is lingering outside and not coming in :)

  4. Nice to hear that all that hard work done with loving care is just for you and TC.

    Don't hang those pictures too high,I just hate that.

  5. Enjoyed the post. I still have a bucket with salt in it sitting on the front porch, just in case.

  6. A gallery person once told me pictures should be hung at eye level *when sitting*! Humm... seems a little low. And what if one sits on the floor?


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