Monday, March 17, 2014

At least they make it easy.

I didn’t mention this,  since it wasn’t worth mentioning, but a few days ago (I’d have to look up the date)  I ordered and received a cute little blood pressure monitor for Travelling Companion.

Well, I used it a couple times too,  but my BP seems to stay within certain parameters most of the time.   He says. 

He thinks. 

OK,  maybe I should be checking my blood pressure too?  Fine.   Especially after we have a Friday night meal of “fast food” that creates all kinds of problems both gastronomically and well,  you can use your imagination. 

Let’s just say it’s a darned good thing there are spare beds in this house? In far away rooms. And that’s all I should say about that.  I felt better yesterday (Sunday),  but I was a bit “out of sorts” all day Saturday.  Gee, go figure.


Where was I?




Here it is:



That reading looks a wee bit off,  but I think I had it on wrong.  That’s my story.

And that was when it was working.  And it continued working right up until late last week.  I think it was Friday.  See,  it was probably just as well that we didn’t take our blood pressure later Friday night ‘cause,  you know. 

Might have been a bit of an eye opener.

I just love curly fries.  But it turns out they no longer love me.  It’s heartbreaking when love is spurned like that.  *sigh*


Anyhoodle.   It had to go back.  And I really *hate* taking/sending things back.   If it’s in person,  I always feel sheepish telling the clerk that they sold me a piece of cr*p,  but with the whole “on the line” ordering,  it turns out there’s a few clicks of the mouse,  you print out a label,  and take a trip to the post office.

Bob’s yer Uncle!





They’ve made it,  “Even the monkey at the keyboard can figure this out”  dead simple.  

Once in a while,  some genius out there actually figures out a policy or procedure that doesn’t make you want to pull out what little hair you have left.   It’s almost….a miracle.


Remember all that stuff you learned in Kindergarten?    You know,  the cutting,  the pasting?   Well,  I used packing tape,  since I have that handy dandy dispenser there,  but it’s the same idea.    And there’s ALWAYS at least one or two little boxes hanging around.

I think I might have a slight problem throwing out little boxes,  but when I get up to two or three kicking around,  at least I do thin them out.   Not quite a “hoarder” just yet.  Thanks.



So now I’d best get bundled up and hoof it down to the post office.   Not talking about the weather.  Nope,  ain’t gonna do it. 



Then we’ll wait and see when my refund shows up on our credit card.  Kind of like playing the slots I suppose, but Amazon seems to indicate that we should be getting a refund. 

I *guess* I believe that.   I’ll need to see that show up on our statement,  and then I’ll be a true believer.

Then unfortunately,  I’d best go to my review on the Amazon site and make just a *slight* change.   Sorry there,  people who sold me the crappy little BP monitor,  but it’s not even heavy enough to be a decent door stop.  So that was a waste of time.



Oh,  and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all.


That the extent of my observation of this sacred day. 


Thanks for lookin’.


  1. You know they have a lot of those things. Sort of a crap shoot when you order. Never know if they are worth the money or not. My BP has been the same for years. I just use the last one I had and it remains the same. At least until I have it rechecked.

  2. At least your BP monitor was easier to send back than the wrong size mattress I got. Still waiting to see how that's going to play out.

  3. Sorry you were indisposed in more ways than one. Hope it all comes out in the end just fine:)

  4. Got a kick out of Paul's comment, of course. I always save those little boxes...well not always...usually the ones I actually need are the ones I decided to NOT save. sheesh. It is nice to have a morning here to catch up with you again!


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