Friday, June 28, 2013

I wouldn’t have been heartbroken.

If it had just stopped raining maybe a bit earlier?  It just makes it hard to get in and out of the house without creating a huge mess.  For myself, I should add.  But that’s probably a given.

It’s just a wee bit muggy, but thankfully not any hotter,  since I’m already sweating buckets and my glasses keep steaming up.  I think that’s the part that bugs me the most.  Sucks when everything is a blur.


Of course,  all I have going on at the moment is window installation,  so that’s pretty much it for my big excitement for the morning.  Hey, I might actually go to the store later.  Oooo.  Gripping.




There we go,  that should do it! 

Probably not the best idea to just leave it that way.  Not if I want to stick around.  There was a bit of a breeze coming in though.


I made sure I shoved in some of the pink stuff before getting too carried away.  There was just a big space up there. 



I just wish it was as easy to DO,  as it is to show pictures of?  I feel like I’ve had my workout for the morning.  And it’s not necessarily getting the window set into place either,  it’s getting that damned “operator” back on. (the part you crank open)

It’s together though,  and works just peachy keen.

Matter of fact,  last night I gave a little demo for Travelling Companion.

“Look Honey!”   *crank crank crank*

“And now I can close it.”  *crank crank crank*

“Watch,  let me open it again.”  *crank crank crank*


And you know,  she watched the whole time.  It was indeed a thing to behold. 

Hey,  if you’ve ever had your fingers pinched between those old “sashless sliders”,  *grumble*,  you’d completely understand.  They’re just two panes of glass that slide against each other,  quite often pinching your fingers.  I don’t miss them one bit.


Anyway,  there we go.





With the exception of the big monster window that’s going in the front of the house,  I think this corner arrangement is just about the most challenging little endeavour I’ve had so far on the window end of things.

I ain’t kidding.   Them suckers had to match up perfectly at the corner there,  and I didn’t have much to spare.  I don’t just “measure twice”.  I think I measured about 19 times before I sent off the request for the quote, and even then I was kind of nervous. There wasn’t going to be a “do over”.   It’s never a good thing when you have to actually cut into a wood window.  *shudder*.   I think I’d just hang up my tool belt,  not that I wear one that often.   Sell all my tools,  go sit in a rocking chair somewhere and drool…


So I still have to replace the stool (rhymes with drool,  did you notice?)  and the trim that goes under it (not the “sill”,  that’s on the outside),  but you’ll notice that there’s no trim around the outside edges?  That of course means the new windows have to go back exactly where the old ones came out.  You can’t really just be “close enough” and then hope to cover it up with some trim.  No sir.  

But that’s part of the ‘fun’,  right??


OK,  lunch time approacheth,  and I’m getting hungry.


There may be an update over the weekend,  but you know what I’m like. 

Have a fine “Canada Day”,  for those of you north of the 49th.   Keep that umbrella handy. 


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. You're too funny - send some of that rain here please. It was 105 degrees here yesterday and no rain. Maybe I could hire you to do a rain dance - it seems like it's working in your area! :-)

  2. You are doing a great job on those windows, Bob, very impressive. I'm with you on the measuring too, I always seem to come up a bit long or short - both of which are bad.

    Nice to have the T/C watch success in action!

  3. Good job! Not an easy one either. Now admit it, you have been sneaking off to crank the windows just for the fun of it haven't you?

  4. You're a brave man! Just reading about you doing it yourself has me quaking in my boots. :cO

  5. Great job on the windows! It would not even occur to me to try and do that, I am very unhandy:(

  6. I am NOT going to call you an old I'm NOT! But seriously, the windows do look nice. Hope you didn't get cranky putting them in...AUGHHH!!! Sorry - it's the heat...

  7. Them there windas looking good.
    Now the BIG one is next right?
    Good luck.


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