Monday, June 24, 2013

Bit of a heat wave.

I realise it’s a hunnert degrees in Texas,  but that’s Texas. 

I remember chatting with a fellow from Puerto Rico who was on a flight with us from Houston to San Juan, who had lived all his life in Puerto Rico,  thinking it was hot.  Then he went to Texas.  I think his exact words were, “I had never been so hot in all my life”.  AND he got a nose bleed when he was there.  I guess it was a tad dry?

Well, not here kids!   No sirree,  it’s muggy.  It’s 28 in Hamilton,  with a “Humidex” of 36.    OK fine,  that’s only 96.8,  but it’s only mid morning.   Let’s not talk about it.

I’ve kept the “shop” buttoned up,  but it’s starting to get a little close in there.  And then of course there’s the fumes from the Spar Varnish.  Buh.

I’m not spraying,  by the way.  Chose not to.  I might have mentioned that?

I’ve started putting on a second coat.  It could take a while.  The thing is though, I’ve hurried in the past to install cedar windows that I hadn’t taken the time to properly prep,  and it’s really not the best idea.  I just end up having to put finish on the “in situ”,  and that ain’t much fun.  Hanging off a ladder?  Not my cuppa.


Speaking of getting ahead of myself, I’ve had to do some remediation in the latest room that I’ve finished painting.  I *thought* I could touch up the ceiling.  Puh! 


So that’s a “do over”.   Just means I have to try and mitigate the possibility of getting ceiling paint on my freshly painted walls.  

Here’s a tip,  paint the damned ceiling first!   Just do it.  Whether you think you need it or not.  Well,  either that or never let anyone ever look at it again.  “Don’t look up!!”

There’s always that option, but that’s a challenge.



So that activity evaporated a certain portion of the morning.  The good news is,  I’m working in an air conditioned building,  which is more than I could say if I were working in a school right about now.  Mind you,  I always made sure to take a week of vacation during that last week of school. I ain’t no fool.  The schools are hot, the kids are antsy,  and the teachers have long since given up.  Why would I want to be there?

Of course,  since the ceiling needed some freshening,  I chose to take apart the light fixture.  You know,  it’s a good opportunity to give it a good cleaning.  Here’s another tip,  don’t drop the light cover in the sink.   Even if it only slips a fraction of an inch.  D’oh!

In my defence,  that sucker was wafer thin.  There’s a Monty Python skit that comes to mind, but it is a wee bit nasty.

So easily distracted. 

The good news is,  I managed to find a respectable replacement at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Not only does it fit,  but it’s just that much longer,  such that we can now put in a low energy bulb,  instead of the hot and greedy incandescent one that’s in there. 


Could have used the old one I suppose.  I mean,  it’s mostly there. Right?  A little duct tape on that sucker?

Probably wouldn’t have passed inspection.

Oh,  and the “new” one?   Two bucks.  Of course, the whole shopping extravaganza took a bit of time,  since there’s LOTS to see at that place.  I’m usually trying to get rid of “stuff”,  so I only look.  Always fun to look though.   I really and truly need a couple new doors for the shed,  but I couldn’t seem to find anything in my “price range”.   That would be “nothing”  or “next to” it.


Well,  breakfast break is well and truly over,  so it’s back to the salt mine for me.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. They just opened a new ReStore in Billings and it is a treasure trove of stuff if we still owned a house. But I'm glad we don't - that would interfere with Jim's fishing time.

  2. Have painted a fair few walls in my time but always seemed to avoid doing any ceilings. Yep, sure is hot in these parts alright. Trapped in the house again today. Like the new light globe. Maybe paint a happy face on it. The duct tape idea for the old one was a good idea too. Keep on pluggin, 6 months from tonight will be Christmas Eve.........

  3. I think you just had air conditioning installed this year, just in time.

  4. You're right on two counts, Bob - always paint the ceiling (first) and be careful how one handles light fixtures. Both are disasters waiting to happen.


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