Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And now we can have some fun.

Today we got a delivery.

As I was pounding away here yesterday,  nattering on about whatever it is I natter on about,  I got a call from the window company to let me know that my windows were ready,  and would I be around?  

Oh, I’ll be here.

I’ll just do a little picture show,  and then I probably should get back to work.


I wasn’t too sure what size the trailer would be,  and I’ve backed a trailer into our driveway,  so I already knew that more space is always a good thing.  It’s a double drive,  but still.


Actually,  I kind of like the look of the car there.  Plus it’s in the shade longer.  (Black car + full sun =  yikes! )



Never easy backing in from the “off” side.   I don’t know why I use horse terminology, I ain’t no horsey guy,  but I always think of the “near” side and the “off” side.  Typically you walk a team from the “near” side.  That’s the left side, by the way.   That’s all I know.


The delivery Dude was by himself,  which meant everything was all fine and dandy with the smaller offerings.


It was only when we went to move the big sucker that we had some issues.  Just no place to grab on,  so that wasn’t happening.


And no, they’re not staying outside. 


I mentioned to Travelling Companion last night that I was contemplating putting the big one outdoors (it’s not going anywhere until I have a team at my disposal), which was met with some consternation.  It had to do with the possibility of it getting broken by marauding gangs of wayward children.  Those aren’t her exact words, but that’s what I gathered. 

So fine, it goes inside.  That would definitely be an “I told you so” if it were to ever happen.  I don’t want to go there.   I’ve yet to witness these marauding waifs, but that makes no difference.



We ended up taking out the casements and setting them aside.  Made life heaps easier. 


I can barely lift one of those,  so it’s no freakin’ wonder the whole thing was impossible to move.



Um ya,  it’s 68 and a half by 128.   It’s the big front window.  Originally we thought that sucker was going to be just about what I’m willing to pay for a good used vehicle,  so I was really thrilled when it came in under two grand.  The bill for all of them was under five.  Who knew?   And it’s Western Red Cedar,  just what I want.

And you’re probably wondering, “Cedar?  Why would you put in cedar?”

Well,  with the exception of the technology at the time not being up to snuff,  the windows that were installed in this house in 1958 are still sound.   That wouldn’t have happened it they were vinyl.  And yes they’re wood,  so there needs to be some work done to them every few years.  Just the same though,  the original windows had been left untouched until I came along in ‘92,  and all that had happened was that they were at that point discoloured and needed some opaque stain.  So I slapped on some stain,  and that was that. 

But like I said,  the technology of windows from the Fifties?  They were double sash-less sliders,  with an R value of damned little.  (That’s an actual technical term, by the way.)

Plus the thermo panes in the big front window had failed a long time ago.   But the wood?  Still good.


I think that’s about it.  Duty calls.


I’ll let on what we now do with the Tassimo discs another day.  Hang in.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Mighty fine looking windows you have there. Now you have your work cut out for you!

  2. You might need a crane...........

  3. You *do* know what happens to cars parked under a tree, right!?! And I'm not just talking tree sap. Oh well, it probably didn't stay there long. Have a TON of fun getting those windows put where you want them. That big one should give you a mighty fine view of whatever it is you're viewing.

  4. those windows will still be around long after the both of us part this world...

  5. This is a "guy" thing... I'm not even entering this conversation....

  6. We need to have a serious discussion on the meaning of the word "fun"... ;c)

  7. Installing windows is one job I would never tackle - think lots of broken glass!

    Smart move just doing what TC thinks is best - you can't lose that way and it make life much simpler.


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