Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thought I’d get a little high this morning.

That should get your attention. 


The roof is actually looking like it has only a few more years left, at least certain sections.   I’ve been replacing it in sections over the last few decades,  starting with the first time in 1992.  By the first time,  I mean just that.  It was the original roof from 1958. 

You can do the math on that one.  The thing was though,  the previous owner (my father-in-law) thought it prudent to have black mastic spread out on the roof at some point to make it last, which it did.  Cheaper than re-roofing I suppose.  It didn’t look all that great however,  and was a bit of a bitch to work around when it came time to remove the shingles.  Normally you can start prying them up and get a bit of a large chunk off and roll it down to the eaves,  but having put tar (or whatever) on, meant that they all came off in little chunks.  That was such fun.  I remember it well.


I’ve still been getting some water coming in during some of the violent rain storms that we’ve been having.   Originally we thought maybe it was the monkey boys that I hired to re-point the chimney earlier on,  but at least it was better after they were done than before.  So I began to wonder.


I might have discovered an issue.



See, if I can shove a screw driver in there?   This was after I had already made one trip up,  just to see if there was anything to see.  I probably should have taken some knee pads along in the pouch containing the above mentioned screw driver,  reading glasses (no, I didn’t go up there to read,  you know what I mean)  along with some of those throw away vinyl gloves.  And of course the camera.   I mean, why not?

So I unloaded a whole tube of some sort of “roof patch” black stuff that I had in the larder.  It had never been opened, so that was a good thing.  I’ll probably pick up another tube,  just in case.


I swear by those vinyl gloves, by the way.  Sure beats getting black goop on your hands,  the ladder.   The camera?  Oh, that would suck.  

Just peel them off and give them the heave at the end.


It’ll be a little while until I venture up there again.  I don’t mind being on the roof.

It’s kind of pleasant, actually. 

It’s the getting on and off the roof that gives me the willies. 


At least there in the back corner of the house,  there’s a bit of a hand hold if I need it.  It’s always that first step out over the edge to get myself back on the ladder that just… well,  I don’t like it. Gah.  I’m sure there’s some puckering going on,  and I’m not talking about anything to do with my face.

Oh,  and yes it’s still plenty muggy here,  but there was a bit of a breeze.   It only got a little uncomfortable when the sun came out.  I was just about done by then,  thankfully.  My knees were really complaining by then too. 


So that was the big excitement for the morning,  sad to say.  Since I had the ladder out,  it’s now propped up against the side of the house in anticipation of taking out an old window,  or at least all the trim.  Stay tuned.  I’m sure you care.


Thanks for coming ‘round.




  1. I hear you on the getting off the ladder or getting on it from the roofline. I don't like that part either. And with the RV, I even have a railing to grab onto, so it's better than having nothing to grab onto. I hope your patchwork did the trick! Now go pamper those knees. You'll need them for your next job.

  2. Always something for you to do there keep yourself busy.


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