Saturday, June 8, 2013

Getting plastered.

Not me.  Don’t think I’ve ever been “plastered”.   Might have had the “whirlies” now and again in my youth,  but those days are long gone.

*tip*  If you manage to make it to your bed in such a state and discover that the room is still spinning,  try putting one foot on the floor.   It mostly works.

Either that or go and wretch up whatever it is that ails you, although I was never one to barf on command.  Just not one of my *favourite* things.  There are those who can do this.  More power to ‘em.  No thanks.

I think I was going to say something?


Actually I’m just trying to use up a bit of the honkin’ big bag of plaster I bought a few weeks back.  It was well worth it to have it on hand,  but now I’m stuck with well over half a bag.   OK I’ll fess up.  I barely made a dent in it.   And that’s after using what I thought was going to be gobs of plaster in the sewing room.  *sigh*

So fine,  I’ve been scouting around the place,  looking for ‘opportunities’.  That’s a good word, innit?


As sometimes happens in life,  there are always some loose ends.

At one point in time,  I was rooting around in the ceiling of the garage,  trying to figure out if I could run a wire.

Or something?



It was actually so long ago, I’m no longer really sure. 

All I know is,  these holes have been annoying me for a while.  (Like,  were talking years…) 

I didn’t have any lath,  but I do have some chicken wire kicking around (something to do with a garden and bunnies.  Don’t ask) which I was able to massage into place, folded over on itself,  which seemed to hold plaster just fine.



And there we go.

We could play that,  “spot the differences” game. 

While I was at it,  I rearranged a few things.  My “shop” is still evolving.  I only have so much space to work with,  so there’s no room for things under foot.

And this is what I do when I’m “between jobs”.   The time seems to evaporate.  Funny ‘bout that.


I did go over to Daughter Number One’s house and install a screen door.  It’s like,  one of those things you do before lunch.

Forgot to take pictures.  Maybe tomorrow.


T.C. is busy in the kitchen whipping up some dinner.  Eeeee!

This makes Bob a happy lad.  Almost like an early Father’s Day gift.   I’ll still end up grilling the steaks,  but that’s hardly any work.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Never done any plastering and pretty sure I never will:)

  2. the foot on the floor does work! I seem to remember that one from my younger days!
    hope the steaks were yummy!!

  3. It sure is nice to get plastered, feel good, enjoy it and remember the experience.Great touch up job.

  4. Does it seem that TC is doing more cooking now that she is 'home'?

    1. Meh, it was mostly always her 'deal' to cook up something on the weekends. There were times though in Vienna when the motivation was lacking, which of course is a problem I have most days.


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