Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally went to “Chrome”.

Well,  it’s not like I “drank the Apple Juice” or anything,  since that would be a different story,  but a few days ago I decided it was time to try out Google Chrome. 

I was perfectly (well, reasonably?) happy with Firefox,  but there were a couple things that were not working in blog land,  one of which was the inability to see any “followers”,  or the followers on anyone else’s offerings. 

I also didn’t realise it, but there were a couple blogs on which I could not comment.  I never really gave it much thought,  but it seems it’s an “all or nothing” thing with Google.  Kind of like a cult? 

So I’m in.

And yes,  after the usual strangeness of it,  I do quite like it.  There’s something about the idea of changing from a tried and true computer thingy to something new that I’d rather not own up to.  I’d just sooner not “like” new things?  Some sort of character flaw.  Isn’t my generation supposed to resist change?  Oh, maybe that was the last one. 

Never mind.

Anyway, it really sucks when you’re not getting the whole picture.  Kind of like getting your eyes fixed.  Suddenly there’s a whole world of things to see.  I see stuff on other peoples blogs that I never knew was there.  Damned insidious Google.

So that’s that.  There are a few little wrinkles that I need to iron out.  Windoz Live Writer still shoots the blog out to Firefox, but I’ll figure that one out too.  In due time.

In the meanwhile,  I’m still plugging away at putting finish on the windows.  Well,  on the frames.  You know what I mean.  I’m trying NOT to get it on the actual windows. 

I decided not to spray, by the way.  The fumes are noxious enough as it is.  Makes for a good excuse to take a break now and again.  That,  and my painting hand is a little sore.  I’ve gotten soft.  That’s all there is to it.


It’s a bit of a challenge coming up with enough space to spread everything out.  I’d work outdoors,  but I’ve seen far too much bird crap around, so that wouldn’t work.


Speaking of outdoors,  (like that one?)  I had this *brilliant* idea to do a little pruning in front of the shed.  I didn’t take a “before” picture,  since I didn’t think it was such a big deal.  Let me just repeat that, “I didn’t think”, part.

The best I can come up with is this picture I took back in February,  a couple weeks after we landed home.  See those two bushes?  They’ve grown like crazy since then.


Well,  I had been getting annoyed at how they were sticking out and everything,  and grabbing at me as I went by with the mower,  so I decided to give them a bit of a haircut.


See now,  in my pea brain I think, “Now, that’s better.”   Except for one tiny thing.  These two plants are the Wisteria that T.C. and I planted a few years ago.   At least that’s what she ascertains.  I haven’t the foggiest.  Seems I wasn’t supposed to touch them.  She thought they might bloom.  I guess maybe that’s not going to happen. 

But you know,  I see pictures of Wisteria,  and I’m having trouble making the connection.




It doesn’t matter. 

I still get to live here.  Thankfully.  Probably doesn’t hurt that I still can come up with supper ideas.  And who knows,  they could still bloom?  And the Pope might get married….

The other thing too is,  they’re not in full sun.  So that’s my defence.  Sort of.

I think I’d better stick to woodworking.


Keep your powder dry.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. My guess is that your default browser is still set to firefox... change it to google and see if live writer sends it there...

  2. Well -- you cut the Wistiria, I cut the lilies -- with the weedwhacker. :-(

  3. We use Chrome 95% of the time, and then we find that there are some websites that just don't work with Chrome so we keep IE handy for those times.

  4. I keep Internet Explorer Firefox and Chrome on my computer all the time. most of the time I use Firefox but actually they're all about the same to me.

  5. Maybe you should build a trellis for the wisteria in case it decides to grow again. Bet that would get you out of the doghouse!

  6. I switch to chrome a when it first came out and use it almost exclusively, on my Mac, some sites for Firefox, and keep Safari going too. No IE on this Apple Tree.
    As long as everything works well thats the main thing.
    Get those windows done and installed now.

  7. Welcome to Chrome from Maharashi Google the all seeing, all knowing presence in cyberland. Your every keystroke will now be preserved for eternity. I've used Chrome now for a few years, like it and if Google thinks I'm interesting enough to track, then they're not as smart as they like to make out.

  8. I'm still an IE fan, can't seem to figure out how to move all my bookmarked good stuff over to Chrome. If I ever figure it out, I'm sure I'll get funny looks from people seeing all those bookmarks on my car bumper... ;c)


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