Thursday, June 20, 2013

And it’s not even Talk like a Pirate Day.

But here I am,  paintin’ me spars. 



Oh, didn’t you know there’s a “Talk like a Pirate Day”?   Oh ya,  it’s in the fall some time.  I’m going to be home for that one.  Hope it falls on a Friday. 

Just a sec,  let me look it up.  Here we go.  There’s a website.  Is there nothing on Earth that doesn’t have a website??  Thank God pet rocks have gone by the wayside.

Drat.  It’s on a Thursday.  Oh well, there will be no talking like a pirate at the pub. 

*mumble*   See,  I should have been home last year.  Dammit.

So really, the choice was…live in Vienna,  or be home for “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. 


OK, I’ll shut up now.


Was I saying something?




Shortly after I bought this can of liquid gold,  I realised it is indeed “Spar Varnish”.  

OK then.  I tried not to hyperventilate when I got to the cash,  but you’ll notice I didn’t get a BIG can.  There’s no point in having any of that stuff hanging around. 

And considering how much I paid for it, I was particularly annoyed this morning when I couldn’t get the freakin’ can open!  Had to take a trip back to Home Despot,  where the Painting Dude was not about to take up the challenge of opening the can,  since it looked like it had been welded shut.  Really.  He gave me a new one,  and proceeded to open it quite easily.  I think he knew I was about to ask him to do that,  since that was the first thing he did after he came back with the replacement.  Anyway, that was a bit of a hold up,  since my plan was to get “an early start”.  


The thing is,  it must have taken me a good hour to slap on a coat of finish on the big number,  and I’m really just at the very tip of that iceberg.  At least with being able to pop out the “operators”,  I can lie them flat.  SO much easier that way.  I decided too,  to go with some painter’s tape on the seals,  as well as remove some of the hardware.  

Before I did that though,  and since I had the camera close at hand,  I just thought maybe I’d snap a quick shot of just where to put everything back. 


A bit paranoid I know,  but I always have this fear that I’ll somehow lose my mind between the time I take the hardware off and when I go to put it back again,  and will be standing there with nary a clue. 

Taking apart and engine?  Oh Gawd.


I also realised that I need about another 500 square feet of shop space. 

With the smaller windows I’m starting to lean towards spraying them. 


I have sprayed many a different finish over the years,  and I’ll take a look at what is recommended by the folks who make the liquid gold.  I’ve sprayed Varathane,  so I can’t see what the difference would be.  It just sucks though to spray anything that needs to be cleaned up with mineral spirits.  Gets messy.  And wasteful.   Plus I’d have to thin it,  which means more coats.   Gah.

We’ll see.

It’s a nice day,  I’d best be at it.


Pitter Patter.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. You're just getting to be a spraying fool. Don't inhale too many of those fumes.

  2. Gonna be nice no matter how ya do it, have fun!!!

  3. I'm trying to put a finish on two things in my RV - a wine glass rack that I got at a thrift store and a butcher block cutting board to go over one side of the sink that I also got in a thrift store.

    My 83 year old neighbor has tried to "coach me' on being a good "finisher" but I'm too "get 'er done" to listen. :-(

  4. How come you seem to get into trouble no matter what project you attempt? Can't open the can, needing more shop day everything will go smoothly, I promise! ;c)

  5. Glad to see Mr. Murphy is hanging out in your part of the world this week. Sorry, I just had to laugh when you couldn't get the paint can open. I thought I was the only one who could walk into a paint store, pick out 1 of a thousand cans of paint and find it to be the only one with a stuck lid!! Glad to see I've got company.

    Good luck with the spraying.

    BTW, I always take pictures now of anything I'm taking apart - just in case.


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