Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More boring stuff.

For the first time in many a year,  the door to what is now the sewing room has all it’s “trimmings”.


I’m not going to give any lessons on framing here,  except to mention that a doorway consists of a header, two “King” studs (who comes up with these names?) and two “Trim” studs.   My understanding has always been that the trim stud should be one piece,  but the genius who installed this door used three pieces of leftovers. 

I guess they were getting towards the end of things and he was trying to use up all the leftover bits.

Whatever.  Made it easier to pry the pieces out.   I have a honkin’ big renovator bar (among others).


So now the whole door is about a half an inch closer to the street.  I had to shim it out so far on the hinge side to get it plumb,  that it wasn’t going to fit on the latch side without removing some material.  You don’t get to see that whole business,  since it’s all now hidden by the jamb.


I thought at first I’d do some carving with the reciprocating saw,  but then since the trim stud was put in in pieces,  I just elected to remove the three pieces,  rip them on the tablesaw and reinstall them.


Today I’ll be hanging around here waiting for the Cable Guy,  since we’ve been having some connectivity issues.   My son-in-law very kindly did some hokus pokus Monday night,  and it’s much improved,  but I think our modem needs an upgrade.  

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

To go along with that,  I got a call from Daughter Number Two yesterday,  as they were at Futile Shop,   and she wondered if they should pick up a new wireless router.   I could be getting mixed up between router and modem,  but the fact is,  the current set-up means I’m not getting a really great signal throughout the house.  And it’s not like I want to take the laptop up to the roof or out to the shed or anything,  but I’ve been told that the wireless router should be doing a better job than it is.  

Point in fact, Daughter Number Two and Son-in-law say theirs gives them a signal even if they’re outside their place on the street!   And yes,  it’s secure.   He made sure of that.

So we’ll see how that goes.


Meanwhile,  one of my little jobs for today (other than cutting the grass before the rains come once again)  is to get up on the ladder and clean up the mess left behind by our recent visitors.

The little birds have all flown the coop,  never to return.


Here you can see the last of the three,  getting up his nerve to take the leap.


Mom keeps calling from somewhere close by,  and then eventually it happens.


Not sure how long they hang around together,  since a couple days have gone by and there’s  no evidence of the five of them.  

I don’t think I miss them that much.

And you know,  the car has sat outside for a couple nights now,  with nary a speck of bird crap on it.   Who knew?


So I’ll be “fixing” it,  so that no more birds will be up there crapping all over the place. 


Riveting stuff,  I know.   Hope you can stand the excitement.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Can barely stand the excitement, but then we do need to get a few things done about the house.
    Just keep having all that fun.

  2. Some days, cleaning crap is as good as it gets.

  3. Actually, I was on the edge of my seat, carefully reading every suspenseful word... ;c)

  4. I did not understand much about the door:) But our router covers at least 300 feet in all directions with a good signal (also secure).

  5. Excitement? hmm. I suppose if you were in Vienna right now you would be writing about the floods on the Danube. Still, nice seeing the little bird family off and running, and nice to see how handy you are. Companion should be tickled pink.


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