Monday, June 10, 2013

There’s no getting frustrated at home.

See,  when we were in Europe and the internet would crap out,  we’d just figure that all would be right with the world once we moved back home. 

So now what?

The internet still craps out,  but I suppose at least the “technicians” speak English. 

No really,  not even with an accent.   I say “technicians”,  only because I suppose they only know what they need to know.  Not that I know any better,  but I’m pretty sure Son-in-law has more on the ball than half of them,  but I’m not going to bug him when I have some stupid little connectivity issue. 

Last night we not only didn’t have the net,  but no phone either.  So calling a “technician” wasn’t really all that great an option.  I mean,  both T.C. and I have cell phones,  but really?

Then this morning at least I had phone,  but only intermittent connection.  Turns out I was “off line”, and had to reset the modem.   This is the same device that was replaced last Wednesday, so let’s hope that’s not a bad omen. 

The thing too is,  since it has a battery back-up,  I had to hunt around for a paper clip to reset the thing. Can’t just unplug it.  Such a pleasure.  But really, how do we suddenly get “off line”?   Hm?

I just have to let it go.  

Annoyingly, Travelling Companion wanted to book our flights to Hawaii last night,  so she was getting a wee bit snippy.  Not necessarily with me,  but I had no desire to even be in the same room.  I ain’t that dumb.

Ok Ok,  I probably should have gone to the little box thingy and pressed a button or something.  Something?

Oh, right.  Forgot to mention that little detail. (The part before where I admitted I was too lazy last night to reset the modem?)

We’re going to Hawaii right after Christmas!   There’s going to be a gang of us.   It’s going to be Maui.  I’d have to sift through some papers or emails to come up with more details.  A niece is turning 40,  and decided she wanted to be in Hawaii when it happens. Not a bad idea, really.  So we figured, she’ll need someone there to since Happy Birthday.  Right?

All I want to know is,  how the heck did those years go by so fast?  Let’s not get all maudlin.

I had this thought yesterday that,  if I want to buy some new sandals,  I had better do it now,  since it’ll be wintertime in Hawaii,  and maybe I won’t find ‘summer wear’?  

Hey,  that’s what we discovered in Puerto Rico.   They put away the “summer”  wear and bring out the fall and winter fashions.  I’m telling ya,  it’s HOT all year around!   Just the same,  T.C. could NOT find a bathing suit in November!  


Anyway,  on with the pictorial part of our program.

I think I mentioned that we had steaks Saturday night?

T.C. bought an entire tenderloin (I tried not to look at the price, but my butt did clench for just a second there),  which I then sliced into nice thick portions.

I’m not a one for having lots of fat or bone left over,  so the tenderloin program totally works for me.   Even though I’m somewhat parsimonious.    (read “cheap”,  for those of you with only grade 12)




And yes,  they were just as good as they looked.

And now,  not that we’re having any renovating competitions or anything,  but I’m pressing on with the painting situation as well.  Different room,  different colour.

There are a few little details to be sorted out first,  since this room is going to be getting new windows,  so yesterday I very carefully removed the trim and window stools,  labelled them,  and set them aside.  Not the sills,  the sill is on the outside.  I’ll get to those in due time.



I also noticed where some of the wall paint ended up on the ceiling,  so I’ll need to touch that up too.  I think I have nobody to blame but myself,  since I was the one to paint this room the last time.  It’s just one little spot,  and it’s up there in the corner.  But I can see it.

There’s more to do before I even get started,  so I’d better do that.


Sticks.  Ice.  You know.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Ugh. Painting. Double ugh. Ceiling paint spots. Just the mere mention of it makes me cry. Seemed every time I removed a ceiling paint spot, a ceiling paint color spot magically appeared on the wall. And repeat. :c(

  2. At least your computer problems do seem to be resolving. My all-time solution is to turn the darned thing off and in a few minutes turn it back on. Hawaii, eh? sure sounds good to me.

  3. I get more frustrated at home then on the road. I'm heading out soon now! :-)

  4. We have a cable internet slow down or short term failure every few weeks. I do not even bother to call anymore:(

  5. The trip sounds like a fun time.
    Nice to see that you are giving your weber a bit of a workout too, looks yummy.

  6. Ahhh, Maui. We did that every year before our RV days. Something to look forward when that white stuff starts to hit the ground.

  7. Since we have wireless Internet I've found that besides rebooting the router once in a while, sometimes it's also necessary to reboot the little dish/antenna. Those steaks look wonderful!


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