Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Brave New World.

Now,  if only the lumber and hardware supply places would start free delivery,  I’d be all set.

Seriously,  that would mean I’d really and truly not have to leave the property.  Well OK, there is that slight issue of getting some food from time to time,  but there’s even a way of having that delivered too.  I just prefer the “free delivery” program.

That link above takes you to “Grocery Gateway”,  but they charge $11.95 per delivery.  Ulp.


So what the heck am I going on about?  


Well,  since we came home in February,  we’ve been making coffee with a Tassimo coffee maker. 



I stole that image from the net.  You may have seen these machines.

I’m not going to extol its virtues or anything, it’s just another way of making coffee,  with the unique feature that you get one cup at a time,  made according to the bar code on the little disc that is being used.   There’s no waste,  but the downside is that it is a wee bit more expensive than just making a pot of java.  Half of which I’d end up turfing out anyway,  so really?

So here’s the thing, you can buy these discs in most grocery stores,  and you may pay a premium,  but we have three locations here in Southern Ontario that tend to sell at a slightly better price point than the average grocery store.  It’s an easy guess that I shop there.   They’re not close by though,  and not long ago,  they stopped taking back the used discs to be recycled.  That’s another story,  also something that is of no cost to me,  but we’ll save that one.


A few weeks ago I was in the location here in Burlington,  and I was kind of muttering something to the cashier about having to make the trip worth while,  since they’re way across town.  Such a hardship I know, but maybe after the Vienna experience, I just like things to be close by?  Not sure. 

She then pipes up and says,  “Well,  you can order on line,  and if it’s over $100, the delivery is free.”

Well now.  I had dropped sixty bucks on a couple cases of coffee just then,  so spending a hundred wasn’t going to be that much of a challenge,  and by Friday morning I realised I had better get my act together and place an order.

The cool thing is,  tracking an order these days is easy peasy,  and before I knew it, I had my coffee Monday morning BEFORE 10:30 a.m.!    I ordered Friday.  I got it Monday. 

What.  The.  Hell? 


ordering coffee 2


ordering coffee





So that was my excitement for a Monday morning.  Hey, I’m easy.

Totally awesome.   Probably won’t need to order again for another month or so,  but unless I want to schmooze with the nice young coffee clerks (um, no) I won’t need to go back to the store for…ever?



Continuing along those lines,  and this is purely coincidental believe me,   I decided this morning to call around looking for a place to have a couple carbide tipped saw blades sharpened.  I can sharpen any mild steel,  even tempered steel,  but the only carbide I can sharpen is router bits.  I have a little wheel for that.   Blades?  Forget it.

Anyhoodle,  there was a place here in Burlington that used to do it,  and I noticed that they had moved.   So I thought that maybe before I head off to their new location (and it wasn’t on the way to anywhere for me today) I had better just call them to see if they were still doing the sharpening thing.  

Well,  no. 

HOWEVER,  I found a place in Galt.   OK so,  Galt isn’t on the way to anywhere I want to go today either.   It’s an hour’s drive away, easy.   But,  it turns out they’ll pick them up!   Are you kidding me?   I just got off the phone with “Louis”,  and then sent him an email with all the details.  The company is Galt Wood Tool Ltd.,  and it seems they sell and sharpen.  And pick up and deliver!   Eeeee.

The normal pick up day for Burlington is Wednesday, but the pick-up Dude has another obligation for Wednesday this week and is already in town today.  So I’m a day late for a pick-up this week, but that’s no biggie,  I have other blades to chose from.  He’ll be here next Wednesday. Yay.

We didn’t talking pricing, but I can only guess that they have to be competitive,  so I’m just going to go with the flow.

And speaking of flowing,  I had better fly on out of here.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Ah ha! That explains everything. You've been overdosing on coffee! :cD

  2. A person after my own heart... one who'd rather shop on-line and have stuff delivered than go to the store. If only I could do the dentist and doctor things like that ;-) (I still chuckle over the sign "Tattoos done while you wait")

    1. I just wish we had as many options available to us here north of the 49th, but things are getting better in the "on the line" shopping department.
      Not sure I'd want the dentist coming to the house, nor would I want to leave any body parts behind for the tattoo artist.
      That's a clever sign that makes you pause and think though I suppose.

  3. You never explained how to turn in the used disks... Are they worth anything or is it just being green to send them back?

  4. Hmm . we make pot of coffe every ,morning and it is gone in short order, just a regular drip machine and works good for us, no fancy tassimo for us yet.


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