Friday, July 5, 2013

I could easily be a hermit.

Except for the living in a cave part.  I’d still need the internet.  Mostly for ordering stuff and having it delivered.  And I’m not talking about ordering our pizza on line last night either.  I mostly don’t like talking on the phone,  so being able to order a pizza on line is something I really appreciate.

There was the coffee delivery from a couple weeks back,  but also right around that time I realised that I had some saw blades that were in serious need of some sharpening.

The table saw doesn’t really care if blades are dull or not.  It’s three horsepower, which is boatloads of oomph.  But when muggins here is having a bit of a time of it trying to shove a soft wood like cedar through,  then I know the blade is as dull as a hoe.

So I started phoning around.  The place where I used to take saw blades to be sharpened had not only moved,  but no longer thought it worth while to sharpen carbide.  OK then.   Time to hit the ‘net.

Turns out there’s a place in Galt (about an hour away) that will do the deed.  Not only that,  but they pick up and deliver!  I think the delivery charge was a couple bucks?  And if I’m in no hurry for the blades anyway, then it’s all good.  

Pick up on a Wednesday,  drop off the following week.  The only slight wrinkle is that I have to be here,  but I had the driver’s cell number,  and he told me exactly when I could expect him.  

Of course,  I wasn’t able to get a decent photo, but that’s him zipping off with my saw blades.


So much has transpired in the past week,  that I fear I might put everyone to sleep.  You know,  gatherings and ‘stuff’. 


One of the things to do over a long weekend,  when there’s no mail delivery,  is to refinish the mail box.  And this is not something I do on a regular basis by any stretch of the imagination, as you can tell by the look of the thing.  It’s never been refinished.


It was looking a wee bit sad.  It’s been out there for around twenty years,  so it’s no wonder.  I made it to replace the metal thing that was there before.  It was nasty.


This is the reason for them fancy hand planes.  OK so, a good old Stanley Number four would work just as well,  but I’ve always had a thing for wooden planes.  Plus,  I got to visit the factory back in ‘09.


Since I’m goofing around with finish anyway…


And back it goes.


I couldn’t find that last photo at first,  but then remembered that it was in July’s folder,  under “finishing up”.   And there’s a segue there.


Since now we’re done in yet another room.


The windows are in and trimmed out.  The painting is done,  and the furniture is in.


This involved moving a bookcase back to its original spot.

Ever moved a book case? 


This wasn’t your typical IKEA bookcase either.



Getting that sucker moved was a challenge.  I just said to Travelling Companion, “I gotta stop making these huge things.”    I think though that it will stay in that spot for a good long time.  I make sure too,  to attach it to the wall.  If it fell over?  Oy.

There were more books and junk in it before it got moved,  but I thinned it out a bit.  What to do with the left over stuff is for another day.



I’m sure I could come up with more to bore you with, but that’s about it.   Over the next day or so I’ll be mucking around with the bathroom window.  It has all the finish on it,  and is basically ready to go in.  Then it will be time for the big one.   That’s going to be just heaps of fun.


Sure hope your festivities were good ones.  Gotta be careful around them fireworks,  I heard some folks got hurt out in California? Nasty business.

Link.   That link won’t be around forever.  Not sure why it was on the “Guardian” website before anywhere else? 


Anyhoodle,  thanks for stopping by.


  1. That is some beautiful wood work, Bob, beautiful. I too love the delivery thing, shop on the internet more and more, and then wonder why nice stores are so few and don't carry anything anyway. We are internet shopping ourselves out of any kind of "real" shopping experience. I guess that is ok too, except I did used to like to "shop" for recreation and stress without spending is really fun for me. No decision making required. Again, love that bookcase! Glad you are getting things done and still writing about it.

  2. I think being a hermit is out. I do not think hermits do any of that stuff:)

  3. You're going to please your postal person with that mailbox redo. Now they might increase the amount of bills they deliver to you... :cO

  4. I'm with ya all the way on the Hermit bit. Love it but do understand the not living in a cave part & the need for internet. Phone?? What's a phone.........

  5. Looks like some nice dovetails on that mail box. You still get home mail delivery!.
    Interent yes! After over 20 years with a phone stuck in my ear, don't ever care If I use one again.

  6. You can't be a hermit with an Internet connection but I suppose you could be a 'recluse'!

    Nice job on the mailbox.


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