Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why she doesn’t like bugs.

This is one of those,  “Right here,  ladies and gentlemen,  you’re looking at a real idiot”, kind of stories.

That unfortunately,  would be me.

See,  for a few weeks now,  maybe longer and I’d really prefer not to speculate,  I’ve been seeing these tiny bugs from time to time,  and have been dutifully crushing them or sucking them up with our cheap, noisy vacuum cleaner.  (Hoover,  for those who prefer the UK jargon)


Couldn’t figure out exactly what they were,  although they did have that certain weevil look about them, and I also couldn’t quite figure out where they were coming from.  They were just appearing,  such that I honestly thought they were coming up through the recently discovered cracks in the floorboards.

Or so I thought.

Silly fool. 

So fine,  today was the day we figured we’d yank everything out of the hall closet and try and figure out exactly what was what.  At this point I suppose I really should have a picture to show you,  but the offending bag of bird seed went quite quickly into the garbage and then just as quickly down to the big smelly garbage containers on the first floor.  They’re outside, I might add.
I’ll still find a few wayward scouts I suppose,  but that was part of the problem.  Even though the bag of bird seed was closed up, it didn’t matter,  since these little fellows start out as eggs,  and given enough time,  will eat their way through the contents of the bag,  and then send out their buddies to look for more.  That’s my theory anyway,  who knows why they leave the bag?  Tired of living in cramped quarters?  Bugs like to roam I suppose.

So there are really two offenses that I’m guilty of here.  The first one is that of putting a small (and harmless I thought) bag of bird seed in the hall closet,  and the second one was forgetting about it.  Probably next fall some time when the thought of putting out the bird feeder would have crossed my mind,  I’m sure I would have then remembered where I stuck that bird seed.  In then mean while though, I had no clue. 

Yup. Clueless.

I have a sneaking suspicion that although this will never be one of those “I told you so”  king of deals,  the whole event will be indelibly etched into our consciousness for some time. 
No wait, on second thought, maybe that’s not putting it in the proper terms.  I will never be allowed to forget this for as long as I live?  Does that sound more accurate?  There was surprising little “freaking out”,  but I’m not sure that’s entirely a good thing.   Sooner get it over with.  Kind of like pulling a bad tooth.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk a little about how a person’s sensibilities can change over the years.  There’s a segue in there,  but I’ll leave that one alone for now.

Happy for those Canucks fans.



  1. Hey, atleast THIS time you guys couldn't blame ME that the bugs *must* be coming from my room! Yes okay, it was messy, but c'mon! I never saw any in there but nooooOOOoo. hehehe... did you bring the bag of bird seed back to the store and empty it all over the counter this time? That was kinda funny. I loved how the manager kept insisting that the weevils were NOT in their pasta until you grabbed a bag off their shelves and dumped it... good times.

  2. Um, no trip back to the store. But apparently weevil eggs are in a lot of grains. More creepy knowledge thanks to the internet. Gah!
    Somewhere I read that all grains should be stored in the freezer for four days when you first buy them. Like we have that kind of room in our teeny tiny freezer!!


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