Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The days go by.

And let’s face it,  there are times when I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to say.  I go out and snoop around at other people’s efforts on the blogging end of things,  and most of the time,  those who think they have something to say,  should probably just leave well enough alone as well.  If it’s too boring for me to get overly excited about,  I’m sure you’re not going to give a rat’s tiny behind.
We haven’t started a count down yet until we go home at the end of August,  but that could happen soon.  June is very nearly a foregone conclusion,  but it’s really never a good thing to wish one's life away.  It slips by fast enough as it is.
Travelling Companion slept a quite a bit over the weekend, and realised that the amount of running around she did last week wasn’t really such a great idea.  She was even trying to squeeze in trip to Romania in there as well!  I just shake my head some times.

A while back I had mentioned something about going back to Italy for some reason or other.  Travelling Companion is going to be having a birthday coming up in July,  and last year already she had had a hankering to go to Verona for a performance of Aida for her birthday.
So that’s the plan.

Methinks we’re going to be sitting right down in front there somewhere.  No point going unless you get good seats is our motto.

So now,  if you’ve ever in your life gone to a high school or college/university graduation,  you’ve probably heard parts of this Opera without even realising it.   When I was in the Senior Band way,  way back in High School,  I think I must have played it at least a dozen times.   Funny thing too,  back in 03 when we went to see a young lad graduate from Annapolis,  the band must have played the processional at least 17 times.   I counted.  There were something like 940 graduates! 
But that’s possibly a story for another day.

Suffice to say I’ve booked the hotel,  booked the tickets for the performance on the Sunday night,  and even made sure to book a place to park for that day.  No sense taking a chance that we’d have to either take a cab or some other form of public transit.  Plus,  my impression is,  like any other mass gathering,  the cab stands,  bus stops and such will be mobbed at the end of the performance. 

The only slight wrinkle in all of this is,  my Italian is a little weak,  so once in a while I had to copy and paste into Google Translate to figure out what’s going on.   Which reminds me,  did I ship an Italian dictionary?  I’d best rummage through the bookcase and see.  I though I had bought one years ago.  Don’t ask me why.  There was a time when if I saw a good deal on a book of that nature,  I’d have to have it.  I have dictionaries coming out my ying-yang.
Silly man.

Of course,  I could stroll across the street on Mariahilfer and buy an Italian dictionary if I can’t find the one I think I own.  Only thing is,  it’s going to be Italian/German,  which means I’ll be the only one able to use it. 



  1. I have a pocket english/italian dictionary I can drop off during lunch. Send me an email luvbeers@gmail.com

  2. Hey Thanks!
    I found it on the top shelf! I think I must have had the thing for years, since it has that musty old book smell. (which I quite like)
    No worries.


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