Monday, June 13, 2011


And no,  I’m not talking about that “Bat out of Hell” guy either.

I’m talking about the meatloaf I made two nights ago,  half of which was left over, and which I just now had a slice of in a sandwich.  I’m pretty  sure there’s another one calling me any minute.  It was almost an “onion” loaf,  since I wanted to use up the three onions I had, so I chopped up all three and put them in!  The cooks out there are just cringing,  and I’ll admit that I’ve been known to do some boneheaded things when cooking,  thinking that if, “a little bit” is good,  then “more” must be better?

Turns out,  it doesn’t work that way.  Who knew? The trick with the onion thing though is,  you need to sauté them first, then it’s all good.   Bet you didn’t know that,  did you?
Hey,  neither did I until I read it on the net.  Seriously,  I’d be so screwed without the internet.  I don’t want to even say anything for fear that I might somehow jinx it.
But that’s the perfect segue,  since we’ve been experiencing some connectivity issues today,  and once or twice a day for a few days now.  I fired off a note to the dweebs who sell us our internet and phone service,  and this is what they had to say…

"Sehr geehrter Herr M…..!

Derzeit kann es in Einzelfällen bei der Verwendung des Wlan Modems zu kurzen Aussetzern und Bandbreitenschwankungen kommen.
An einem neuen Softwareupgrade wird bereits gearbeitet. Leider können wir derzeit noch nicht abschätzen, wann es verfügbar ist.
Wir bieten Ihnen aber gerne an, ihr derzeitiges Modem kostenlos gegen ein anderes, nicht WLAN-fähiges Modem, zu tauschen, wo dieses Problem nicht mehr auftritt.
Selbstverständlich informieren wir Sie telefonisch nach erfolgreicher Behebung und sie können wiederum kostenlos auf das WLAN Modem zurücktauschen."

Oh wait.
I forgot.
It’s in German.
Basically they’re saying they’re doing an upgrade, but aren’t sure when that will be completed, but meanwhile if I’d like, I can come in and trade our router for one that doesn’t have wireless.
Huh?? Didn’t know we were shipping that good B.C. Bud all the way to Austria, since these guys must be smoking some seriously good sh*t.


First of all, without wireless I would be totally annoyed, and besides, Travelling Companion is hooked up to the Cat Five cable (wired) here right next to me, and she’s experiencing the same issues. And yes, I realise it could possibly be the modem, but I’m not trading for one without wireless. Silly people. Trade our modem. *pfft!*

Oh, and then they go on to offer, “once the upgrade is complete, we’ll give you a call, and you can come back in and change your modem again”… something like that. Is that like, “the cheque is in the mail”??
Why sure, I'll just be sitting here right by the phone.  Oh wait.  It doesn't work all the time either....grrr...

Yup, that sure sounds like a good plan. 
(need sarcasm font)

I’m paraphrasing here, as I’m sure you are well aware. Probably not really the best thing to editorialise when translating. Not really part of the mandate. Just as well I never ended up at the United Nations. “And Mister Minister, you’re a big fat liar!”
Pretty sure that wouldn’t be good. But hey, fun! That would have been my fifteen minute career at the UN.

Nothing too danged exciting going on today. Even though it’s a holiday, Travelling Companion is trying to figure out something or other, hence the need for the internet to work once in a while. Seems OK now for some reason.

Shhh! Better not jinx it!

Oh,  and I just realised something.  If I copy and paste from Hotmail into Live Writer.   Not good.  Screws up the script big time.  Had to go into the html and make a bunch of changes.  Good thing it wasn't 2000 words or something.  Yikes!
This is how I evaporate my time on the computer.  Honestly!


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