Friday, June 3, 2011

What is it??

No really,   my first question was,  "Hm,  what is it?"    I mean,  I did figure it out by going to the maker's website,  but I was drawing a huge blank at first there.

We'll get to that in a minute.  Don't you hate when I do that?

First of all,  it's always an ever so brief thrill to get something in the mail.  We don't get too darned much in the mail here in Wienerland,  not even bills.   Any payments we have automatically come out of the bank account.
It's just the way it's done.
Same situation when we lived in the Netherlands.  At first I wasn't too comfortable with the whole idea,  but these are all either utilities or regular service suppliers that one deals with.  Not some fly by night Gold's Gym or something.  That's a whole other story.  And don't misunderstand me,  I'm just fine with not seeing the bills come in the mailbox.  Really. 
I pretty much know how much it's going to be,  so I don't need some piece of paper to remind me.  Especially if it's not such a nice number.  Who needs that news?

No,  this was actually a Father's Day present.   I just realised that I've gone and opened this way too soon,  since I sorta forgot that Father's Day isn't until the third Sunday in June.   Oops.
I'm a little clued out when it comes to those kinds of things.
Hey,  I have Travelling Companion's birthday etched into my brain,  along with the birthdays of the kids and a couple others who are near and dear,  which isn't to say I know what the heck to get them or anything.
Once in a while I forget to check the perpetual birthday calendar and have to so some quick peddling,  but hey,  I'd like to think that some of that should be a shared responsibility anyway.
Just my opinion.
It mostly doesn't count for much.

 I suppose I could box it up again and tell my daughter back in Canada that I got the box and should I wait??

Hm,  let me think about that.

*thinking*  *thinking*  *thinking*

*pfft*  Nah.

Or I suppose I could plead stupidity and try and say I didn't really know what it was for,  but that won't fly either,  since she called me to let me know something was on the way.
Oh well.

In spite of it being made of leather,  and looking like you attach it somehow to something,  neither Travelling Companion nor I have ever been, nor plan to be into any kind of "tie me up please?" sort of activities. 
Sorry,  nothing that salacious.  Turns out it's something I could in fact have used in the Netherlands,  since it's made for attaching things to the crossbar on a bike.
The example given is that of a six pack of beer,  but at the time I could have used it for a couple golf clubs that I'd take along to the nearby driving range.   I managed to do without it,  but there were at least a couple times there when I had to thwart an escape attempt by my six iron.  The handy dandy attachment thingy would have prevented that altogether.

There,  now you don't see that every day,  now do you?
I'd also like to point out that this fellow had the sense to use a fine Czech beer as an example.   Sort of adds to the credibility some how,  don't you think?
OK,  maybe I'm alone on that one.  I happen to like Czech beer.

 That's about all the exciting "news" for today,  with the possible exception that I let the fact that it's Friday completely slip my mind for just about half the morning,  and then I realised I had some "Friday chores" to do! 
Serious stuff.  Would have been in deep doo-doo had I not done my chores.  Must have had something to do with yesterday being a holiday.  Not sure.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

Enjoy the play-offs if that's your thing.



  1. Everybody needs a way to carry a 6-pack on a bicycle! Seems like a handy gadget to me!

  2. I KNOW! I can't wait to try it out!


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