Monday, June 6, 2011

The Beer Truck at Work.

Y’know,  I’ve been living in Europe for three years now, and there are still times when I see things that make me stop and say to myself, “Huh, would ya look at that??”. 
Honestly.  Maybe if we moved to Asia or China I’d start to see some more really weird shit,  but that’s not going to happen, of that I am sure.  So Europe will have to do when it comes to lighting up my “weird shit-o-meter”.

See,  this morning was one of those mornings when I took Travelling Companion to work.  Apparently there is a certain amount of beer consumed in the cafeteria,  or where ever,  since there was a big assed beer truck in the parking area unloaded case after case.  I’m not kidding.  Didn’t take a picture I’m afraid,  even though I had the camera with me, since the folks at the Company That Cannot be Named don’t really warm up to the idea of taking pictures of the facilities,  and I was on their property at the time.  Best to try and stick to the rules if you’re married to a Divisional Controller. 
That wasn’t what I was going to talk about this morning at all,  but I guess the beer truck left an impression on me.  Couldn’t help myself.  I’m just not too sure I would have been able to get much work done in the afternoons if the beer truck had stopped by my former place of employment.  That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.
I was going to do a little recap of the weekend.  This morning consisted of taking Nephew Boy to the airport for his flight back to Canada.  Travelling Companion went in with him,  checked his bag and saw him go through security,  so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  I’m sure he got on that plane.  Please.
I don’t want to say much about the experience, except that it was a challenge.  Three weeks was a “once in a life time”.  Not only did I do a whack of driving,  since he couldn’t very well rent a car and go off on his own,  but there were little things that would start to make me thankful that we never had kids later in life. 
Like,  “Hm,  there’s jam on the butter".” and then,  “OH,  there’s butter in the jam!  Gah!”     You know,  those kind of moments??
I dare not elaborate,  or I’ll just slip off into a total rant.  Wouldn’t do any good.
We wanted to do at least one more concert,  so I managed to get tickets to hear Mozart’s Requiem at Karlskirche here in Vienna on Saturday night.   We were almost late,  since we were waiting for the torrential downpour to ease up,  but we made it.   This makes the second time that Travelling Companion and I have heard this particular group from Salzburg play the Requiem here in Vienna.  The previous occasion was last summer when other visitors were here for a few days. 
Then on Sunday morning we went to a service at the Augustinerkirche,  where there’s always a good chance of the music being top notch.  Mind you,  a person has to sit through a mass on really uncomfortable pews,  but just about the same could be said of the concert the previous evening,  only without the incense. 
I’m thinking that’s about it for today’s proceedings,  I have a few little chores to get sorted out before the day gets too far along,  and after staying up way too late to once again tackle “Wuthering Heights” with Travelling Companion,  I’m just about ready for a little lie down.
Keep those sticks on the ice.



  1. If only they'd stock the pews with beer.

  2. Hate to say it, but I could have done with a nice fat pillow instead.


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