Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Longest Day.

This isn’t any kind whining and complaining about some sort of a rough day or anything.  I’m just saying,  yesterday was the Summer Solstice,  and we had 16 hours and 5 minutes of daylight.  I know this.  I looked it up.

Here’s a little visual,  in case that works better for you.


There’s only a slight snag. 

I may or may not have mentioned this in passing,  but living up here on the top floor,  one of the more attractive features that the builders added to the place was copious amounts of windows.  Copious.
That’s mostly good.  Unless you want to sleep past six a.m.  Again,  in terms of my mental health and all that,  more sun is better than less.  I do think though that if we were to stay here for ever and ever amen,  I’d be seriously looking into some sort of “black out” shades in the bedroom at least. 
I don’t even want to mention just how tough it is to keep the windows clean.  That’s a whole different state of mental health.
I’ve been accused of being just as O.C.* when it comes to the windows, as Travelling Companion is about the rest of the place.

Speaking of Travelling Companion,  this week she’s just travelling.  There somewhat of a “where’s Waldo” theme here.
Let me see if I can sum up.
Monday she was off in the car to pick up a couple associates who had arrived here in Wienerland at their hotel,  only to discover that some luggage had been misplaced,  so they had to nip back to the airport and check on that.  This is a somewhat cautionary tale.  “Overseas flight” most typically should be “direct flight”.  That mitigates missing connections or having your luggage get lost.  

Anyway,  the story goes that the airline (and I honestly don’t remember who it was,  I’m not being evasive here)  had already sent it on to their second destination.  Huh?  Sure enough,  it was there when they got there.  Whatever.  A little information forthcoming would have been helpful.
Then she had to nip into the Czech Republic with these folks in tow,   then they all booted it back to the airport some time yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.   She called me from the gate.   She later called me from a train somewhere in Switzerland on her way to Lucerne for some sort of pow-wow.   Then she comes back here tonight,  and heads off to the UK in the morning.  She come back to Wienerland late Friday night. 

I’m quite content to stay put.

The curious coincidence in all this is,  without really planning it at all,  she’s once again in the UK working when it is in fact a holiday here in Wienerland.  She did this last year,  and only became aware of the issue when trying to contact the worker bees back here,  and there was nobody around. 
Which reminds me,  with it being a holiday,  pickings are slim in the food department,  so I’d better make sure I have something lying around to chew on,  or I’ll just be filling up on beer.  Once upon a time that might have been a slightly more viable alternative to actually eating,  but unfortunately that particular activity isn’t helping me in the “expanding girth”  department. 
Nuff said.

I see by my handy dandy word count thingy,  that I’m right around that “nodding off” threshold,  so I suppose I’ll mention the Italy thing at some point in the future.  Note I didn’t say “tomorrow”. 

So I’m being evasive.


Now I wonder if I can post this from Live Writer,  since yesterday it didn’t work at all.

Here’s hoping it’s sunny where you are.

* “Obsessive Compulsive”. 

And no,  I’m not that bad.


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