Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just chilling out.

It was sure nice to be back in our own beds last night.   Man,  I haven't driven that far for that long in a while.  Be nice not to do it again for a few weeks at least.
All in all we were on the road for around 11 hours.   That wasn't exactly non-stop,  since I do tend to get fidgety after a couple hours and need to stop,  plus there's some eating and other such time consuming things that have to take place.

We also realised that,  since today is a holiday here in Wienerland (well,  all of Austria actually)  and that we'd be getting back home well after the stores were closed,  that we'd better stumble upon some place to pick up a few things.  Turns out we went off the Autobahn in the area of Nürnberg,  and found this rather huge grocery store after a couple minutes.
Ever stepped into a store and just stood there and said,  "whoa..."? that.
The place was mobbed,  but it was OK,  since it was designed to be mobbed,  and they had all of the 25 or so cash registers open.   We even found the proper Miracle Whip!   Didn't have to go to Denmark either!   We can find Miracle Whip here,  but it's some sort of "light" variety,  and I really don't understand the point.  Nobody said it was good for you,  why does it need to be "light"?

There was no offer to take Nephew Boy in to Nürnberg,  since the day was getting pretty long by that point,  and he had to admit that he's starting to get "toured" out.   He's pretty easy going to start with,  and so any offers to take him around,  or not,  are OK with him.
The plan for today was to attend the free concert at the Schönbrunn Palace that will start tonight some time around dusk.
Here's the thing,  even though the weather is still kind of iffy,  they've decided to go ahead with the concert,  and that would be all fine and dandy,  except that I have very little interest in sitting in the rain.  Secondly,  when we mentioned to Nephew Boy that there would be in the neighbourhood of 100,000 people there,  he did have a slightly terrified look on his face.  That's not quite the population of his home town,  but pretty close.  Big crowds aren't exactly my cup of tea either,  and I still have vivid memories of the Easter crowd from St. Peters Square etched firmly into my conciousness, but I was willing to go along,  since Travelling Companion had this one on her "make it up as you go"  bucket list. 
We're going to give it a pass.
We'll live.
Whether we ever get to see the Vienna Philharmonic while living here or not,  remains to be seen.  The huge crowd is a result of it being a free concert.   Kind of like a "Woodstock" atmosphere, only on a smaller scale I suppose?
Getting actual "pays yer money and go" tickets is just about impossible. 

We still have a couple more tricks up our sleeves,   since we'll be going to the Augustinian Church on Sunday morning,  where he can be regaled with organ music,  which apparently is his favourite instrument above all.    Other than that,  I'll have a gander on line to see if there's anything else going on in town. 
Hey,  it's Vienna!  How hard can that be?


  1. good luck bob and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...
    that's why I'm here just checking out how you ended up there...
    take care
    the other bob...

  2. Thanks for the kind wishes.
    You're welcome to come on back any time you'd like.
    From a proud member of the Loyal Fraternity of Bobs. (or something like that).


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