Thursday, June 30, 2011

The plastic is getting thicker.

Saw this this morning.


Your guess is as good as mine. 
It’s doubtful that the runners had to go out for a smoke,  so I’m thinking there’s some other form of stink happening here?

Anyway,  you may be wondering about the title?  OK,  maybe you don’t really care,  but this was something that occurred to me this morning as I was wrapping up a snack for Travelling Companion.  See,  before we moved over here,  we went off to Costco and bought a honkin’ big roll of plastic wrap.  I think we’ve always bought these things,  and simply keep it strategically placed in a drawer in such a way that it never need be lifted out to perform it’s function. 

Really and truly,  we should have bought bale after bale of toilet paper and paper towels,  but that’s another story.

Rather than taking a picture,  which would involve me actually getting off my butt,   I looked around on the net and found a stock image. 
This is the stuff.
plastic wrap
(no point clicking on it,  it won't get any bigger)

So,  why is it getting thicker?   Well,  when we first moved to Europe,  at some point in time one of us said,  “When we start to run out of this stuff it’ll be just about the time we move back.”
Well that was before Travelling Companion agreed to stay another year.  The plastic starts to feel thicker right around the time the roll starts to run out. 


When the roll runs out, do I call the movers?  I’m confused.
I know they have plastic wrap here,  but have you seen what they offer?  Please.
Half the time it comes in a stupid little collapsible box and the only way to sever the plastic is either with a knife or a pair of scissors. 
The box isn’t supposed to collapse,  it just does.

Even though I’m pretty sure I’m insured for that kind of activity, I’d just as soon not see the inside of an Emergency Room here in Wienerland. 

I think I feel myself slipping into a funk.


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