Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ease up on the carbs

Trying to get back to some sort of routine here,  since we’ve really been getting away from the types of foods that we should be eating.  It never helps when we have guests it seems,  and over the last few days,  things went downhill somewhat precipitously. 
For my part,  I can eat just about anything my little heart desires.  That isn’t to say that I should,  it’s just that nobody has come up with any dire medical reason why I should be overly cautious.  Now,  having said that,  I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely cannot eat raw bananas.  You probably think I’m a bit of a nut job,  but I think it must have something to do with the potassium or something,  but if I eat one banana, I’m in contortions.  Further elaboration will not be forthcoming, but it hurts,  that’s all I’ll say.

Nephew Boy was going to treat us to dinner Sunday night,  so we ended up going to a place just off Mariahilfer Straße.  Don’t worry,  we didn’t abuse him or anything, since it was essentially a pizza place.  So….we had pizza.
Then last night,  since it was whatever “workday” of the whole month end process,  Travelling Companion worked late,  so the quick and simple meal that I slapped on the table,  along with some left over macaroni/tuna salad was…..pizza.   Um…pizza AND pasta?  That would be a whole lotta Carbs.   Carbs are fine if you’re about to run a race,  but not so much if you have any issues with your blood sugar.   So what that meant was,  this morning’s reading was just a tad high.  So,  here we are again,  veggies done in Olive oil on the BBQ with Breaded Chicken.  And no,  the breading is negligible.
And for those who are somewhat weak in the geography department,  we are in Austria,  not Germany.   Not even Southern Germany.   So no worries about E-Coli.  See,  Nephew Boy’s mother is a little bit unduly worried?  I’m trying to be nice here.    She called today to report that Nephew Boy was home.  That was kind of her. Too bad he hadn’t deemed us worthy of letting us know that himself,  but that’s OK,  I was able to see something or other on Facebook.   I don’t get “news feeds” from Nephew Boy on Facebook,  since I’d probably put my fist through my computer screen,  and that would get expensive,  so if I want to actually read any of his gibberish,  I have to search him out.  I can do that.   Or not.   I usually go with “not”.
I feel myself slipping off into a rant here,  so I’d better settle down.  
Nothing else happening today.  Just the usual hoofing it here and there.  Well,  except that for a change I took the bike.  It’s a chore to hoist new and shiny up the basement steps,  but I do like to take it out for a spin from time to time.  Didn’t try out my new beer holder thingy, sorry.

Oh,  and one last thing.  PEOPLE!  Wash your freakin’ veggies!!   That’s all.   Just run under cold water.  There’s nothing suggestive at all about rubbing your cucumbers at the same time either.  It’s OK,  really.
Then you won’t get sick.  I swear to GOD there’s some sort of natural selection going on there!  It’s bacteria.  Hello.  Wash your hands.  Wash your food.   It’s stuff we learned in Kindergarten.  Just because the pre-packaged lettuce says it’s washed,  why on earth would you believe that? 
And to all the Bruins and Canucks fans.  Behave.  We are not hooligans.  That’s all.

And it goes without saying.  Keep those sticks on the ice.


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