Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some things are beyond me.

Maybe I’m just too naive when it comes to things like the economy or matters of political expediency,  but there are times living here in Wienerland when I just have to scratch my head and wonder what the fuss is all about. 
I just happened to hear on the news the other day in the car,  while trying to decipher traffic reports,  that sections of the first district were going to be closed off due to the WEF?   No,  that’s not WTF?  That’s WEF.  That was one of my fleeting thoughts as well.  I understand.
No,  the WEF is the World Economic Forum.  If I go to the website,  which isn’t necessarily something I’d recommend,  unless you have an overwhelming urge to be bored to tears,  the very first line in their mandate goes like this: “The World Economic Forum encourages businesses, governments and civil society to commit together to improving the state of the world.”
OK so,  I’m not really too sure just how they’re going to go about doing that,  but hey,  “Fill yer boots!”,  as I’ve heard said.   So the part that I don’t get is,  what’s with all the protests?   I think I’ve touched on this issue before,  since I vividly recall the same bunch of raggedy assed losers protesting whatever they thought was some sort of “injustice” back when I went to school.  I didn’t get it then either.  Sorry.  All you’re doing is pissing people off.   That’s your big accomplishment.
Well, and perhaps to others,  I’m sure there’s the entertainment value.   I can just imagine what the two cops are saying to each other.  You can make up your own dialogue.  The notable thing too is,  these cops aren’t in riot gear.  For all intents and purposes these protests are supposed to be peaceful.  That’s a good thing I suppose.  There are enough issues at football (read: soccer) matches when it comes to the destruction of property to balance things out.
Now,  why do I even bother mentioning this?   Well,  today was a drive my wife to work day once again,  since she has a doctor’s appointment later on at 5:30.   With the parking situation the way it is in Vienna,  it’s usually best if I chauffeur in these situations. Plus  it’s nowhere near where she works,  it’s all the way over by the Belvedere.  I told her I’d pick her up at 4:30,  since I just have this sinking feeling that the traffic is going to be a nightmare.  She didn’t like that one bit,  since what started out as day on which a doctor’s appointment wouldn’t be such a big deal, turned into one of those days when there simply won’t be enough hours to get it all done.  She’ll have to continue working later from home.
This appointment is a normal routine kind of thing, and mostly an opportunity to renew prescriptions.   I seem to recall mentioning doctor’s appointments way,  way back in the very beginnings of the blog,  and there was a flurry of emails wondering about the health of Travelling Companion.  Every thing is fine.  Plus,  after last night’s more sensible meal,  this morning’s number was right back down where it was supposed to be.   Funny how eating sensibly can make all the difference?  And well,  I hate to admit it,  but I do feel better too.
Damn I hate being “sensible”!


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