Monday, June 20, 2011

Dealing with idiots.

I was going to take a little break from blogging,  since most of the time I have very little to say,  but I need an outlet,  or I’ll be blogging from jail.
See,  one of the reasons that I hate booking sh*t on line,  is that once in a while something goes ever so slightly wrong.   First of all,  it seems to take forever to do enough research to try and make a decent choice,  and then you get a note like this:

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are writing to you to confirm and thank you for your reservation, made through, for  one  double room (non-smoking) for 4 nights from Thursday 14th July 2011 (IN) to Monday 18th July 2011 (OUT).
We kindly ask you to inform us if you prefer a room with a double bed or two separate beds.”
(whoa!  hold on there Tonto,  whacha talkin’ about??)
“We also inform you that our restaurant is closed for the whole month of July, and we apologize if this may cause any inconvenience to you. Breakfast will be served every morning.
Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Kind regards
Emiliano Poli
Hotel Gardenia s.a.s. - Verona
tel. +39 045 972122
fax. +39 045 8920157    ”

“Inconvenience”?  Put down the crack pipe Dude!

First of all,  not overly impressed with that word “double bed” to start with,  since there was no mention of that on the website,  and then of course,  the reason I booked with these fine upstanding individuals,  was that they had a restaurant.   See,  if I drive somewhere to go to a restaurant,  I can’t very well drink,  now can I?  Not even one.  Not happening.

Maybe my new friend, “Emiliano” would be willing to stop by whatever restaurant we have to drag our sorry asses to every night, and bring us back to our room?   Doubt it like hell.

So,  I haven’t even set foot in this place,  and I’m already not too damned impressed.  Unless of course,  they somehow manage to impress me, but I doubt that.  There have been very few hotels in Europe that have gone so far as to impress me,  my money’s not on this one.   And it doesn’t matter how much you pay, or don’t pay,  within certain parameters of course.  The Day’s Inn isn’t going to impress you.  Even if they let you stay for free.  And on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve stayed in pricier spots that were less than stellar. Just the same, there were those hotels that were reasonably priced, clean,  well kept,  and the staff were pleasant.  That’s all I’m really looking for. It’s pretty flippin’ rare I know,  but these places do exist.

Sorry for my nasty language,  (which I just now went back and cleaned up a bit) but I’m just trying to get it out of my system.  Hope you understand.

I must say though,   “Looking forward to seeing you” did make me chuckle just a bit.   You tell me this,  and you’re “looking forward to seeing me”? 
I wouldn’t be.



  1. You should have booked something in the old town center where all the good restaurants are... like Osteria da Ugo.

  2. Meh...maybe, but we're taking the car. So that rules out some of the places in the town centre. Need parking.


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