Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catching a tiny bit of FLAK.

Trivia question,  does anyone know what “FLAK” is an acronym for??   Go ahead,  look it up.

Anyway,  it seems I’ve fallen down in the blogging department.  I certainly hadn’t intended to, that’s for sure.  It was pointed out to me by Daughter Number Two that I hadn’t had anything to say since November.  Well,  that was last Friday.   My bad.

I think her exact words were,  “Hey c’mon,  chop chop!”

Sheesh,  OK then.


Every so often in the endless rummaging through stuff,  there is something that comes as a little pleasant surprise. 

I found a gift card in a tiny little gift bag last week.  See now?  That’s earth shattering news.


Well,  it could also be a sign that you have way too much junk?  

It turns out you can look these things up “on the line”,  and lo and behold,  it’s worth 25 bucks!

OK then!

There’s a bank here in Canada that has a slogan,  “You’re richer than you think.”

And there we go.   Put that in the “plus” column!

(I’m kidding,  really)

A Find. 

I *guess* the gift card belongs to Travelling Companion.  She doesn’t remember.  And me?  Remember?  What’s that?


This is why it’s a really good idea to look in every single nook and cranny (what the hell is a “cranny”,  anyway?) before just arbitrarily giving things the heave. Or putting them away.  I was actually being a “good boy” and putting the little gift bag in with all the other crap er,  wrapping essentials.  

Christmas is coming,  after all.


The shame of it though is,  *someone* went out of their way and spent some actual money to purchase that gift card,  and it ended up forgotten in a gift bag.  How sad. 

I’m pretty anal when it comes to gift cards directed at me,  truth be told.  I can you tell how much I have (well mostly)  and where they are stashed.   I guess I must be alone in that.

And no, you don’t actually get to *see* where they’re stashed.  Wouldn’t be prudent.


I still sometimes feel we have way too much “stuff”,  (sometimes??) but I try not to let it become overwhelming.  It depends on the usefulness of the stuff,  I suppose.   Well,  and whether or not there’s a place to keep it.  In February it will have been a year since we’ve been home,  and I still have a ways to go.  *whimper*


And of course,  just to add to the situation,  I bought some chairs the other day for those times when we need to plank down more hind ends than we presently have chairs for.

BUT,  at least they’re the fold-up kind.



Once upon a time I could borrow chairs from my previous employer.   That was the best situation,  since then all I needed to do after Christmas or Easter or whenever,  was take them back.  Badda bing.

We do have some “nylon rippers”,  but they kind of suck.  You know what I mean,  those metal things with the wooden seats that are the normal stackable solution for the school play?  Those abominations.  I don’t much like them.

Anyway,  we’re done borrowing chairs.   I just have to figure out where I’d like to keep these.  We used to have “spare” rooms. 


Well,  I have sweet bugger all else floating around in my head.  Just have to figure out what we’ll put in our pie holes for dinner,  and maybe wrap a couple more pipes.

Oh,  well there’s something I guess.

This is one of those little things that I never did quite get sorted out in the whole time we’ve lived here.  I mean,  I’ve wrapped just about every single pipe in the whole place,  whether domestic water supply or boiler pipes,  but there was one little section that I never got to.  No idea why.


I suppose I figured I would just leave it alone,  but in rummaging through the shed I discovered that I did indeed have a few lengths of pipe wrap hanging around.


You can see there where I’ve started to take down the old pipe wrap?  Some sort of jute,  or felt?  Not sure.  All I know is,  it really hangs onto the dust.    And that was the part that bugged me the most.  Just filthy.





I much prefer the closed cell foam,  since it’s easier to keep clean and looks better too.



Aren’t you thrilled that I put up those pictures? 

Yup,  real quality stuff there.

Sure glad I vacuumed those floor joists.  Doesn’t everyone?


OK,  I’m done. 

No really.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for looking in.





Sound it out.



  1. Right, that was what came into my head right away. When my parents talked about their experience during the attacks in WWII there was always the FLAK mentioned. Something with "Flugabwehr", that we kids knew. But I had forgotten the cannon thing.(anti missile cannon).
    Too much stuff? Sounds familiar to me.

  2. It translates into English as: "Flyer Defense Cannon". Since the daughter directed FLAK in your direction have you been ingesting a few too many intoxicating beverages and flying high? :cD

  3. I thought I knew what it meant until I got to that line at the bottom... heck, I'm trying to learn Spanish... NOT German! Turns out I really do know what it means... just didn't know I was saying the acronym. As for your daughter's comment... you mean your kids READ your blog? Wow! I could be silent for a month and I doubt if mine would notice....

  4. I found one of those cards just before we left and was about to chuck it out when I saw there was a possibility to check the amount on line! There was a value of $20.00 on it. I guess they are good things as long as you don't lose them. Best kept in a wallet.

  5. Hey, Bob, if you don't look up you don't see the dust and cobwebs. That foam insulation sure looks a lot cleaner than the pink stuff though - if you do happen to look up.

    Funny you should mention Gift Cards as I happened to find one in my desk just yesterday. I hate the thought of those businesses getting all that money for nothing so I'm gong to make sure I spend it.

    Flak? I get it all the time.

  6. I used to give gift cards to my Kids and Grand kids, until I found they had drawers full of then not used, so no more. Cash it is everybody uses cash.

  7. You vacuumed the floor joists? Really? You need a hobby!


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