Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I was only missing a nipple.

It looks as though we’ll “get ours” in the weather department.  It’s taken a turn for something definitely on the chilly side, and it’s supposed to snow Saturday.  Pardon my language.

It’s trying to do that today,  but there’s just a few flurries.  I put the car back in the garage when I came home just now.  It’s Wednesday,  so that’s “run around” day.   I do have to admit that,  having only the one vehicle between us has meant that I do have to try and do a little planning when it comes to vehicular errands,  and I suppose that’s a good thing.  It’s too easy to have an idea pop into my head and jump in the car and race off to find whatever it is I think I need. 

Mind you,  I could have carried on a little bit longer yesterday had I not come up short in the nipple department. 

I got it into my head that I wanted to move the power outlet over to where the new washing machine is going to go,  and since it’s 220,  that meant unhooking the old dryer arrangement and drilling some new holes in the floor joists.   Such fun.

We’ll never go back to an electric dryer, so that’s not a consideration.



I think I had been procrastinating on this one ever so slightly since it’s a bit of a messy job drilling overhead.  That’s my excuse anyway.

And since the wire is 10-3, it wants to fight every step of the way when trying to get it to go where you want. 

Gah!  So….covered in sawdust AND sweaty.   Good times.


Oh,  and the nipple?  You thought I was kidding?

It’s that piece of pipe there. 


Why it’s not called a “piece of pipe with thread on each end” is beyond me.  But no,  it’s called a nipple. 

Who names these things?   Good thing I don’t need a “bastard” file.  Although, I do have one if called upon.

If you go to the link above,  you note that it’s a “Flat bastard”.  Not “fat bastard”.   That’s something completely different.

So easily distracted.

I’ll show why I need the nipple tomorrow,  maybe.  We’ll see. Who knows?


It’s amazing how fast the day can go by when a feller is having so much fun?  Some sort of “space/time/acid reflux” thing?  Well,  there wasn’t any acid reflux this time around,  but that’s been known to happen too.


Oh now I remember.  My assignment was to “find the Christmas cards”.   Now there’s a time waster.   I managed to come up with a few,  but also managed to get totally distracted up in the spare room with rearranging our “stuff”.   And hey,  it’s good “stuff” too,  for the most part. 

You know,  carvings from Oberammergau,  books from Romania.   But no Christmas cards from Paris.   Not yet anyway.  I may have to revisit that situation.

Oh,  I did plop the smaller TV up on a stand that we have in that room.  Just,  you know, for something to do.



At one point in time,  this cabinet was built for a CRT TV that would sit on the little elevated part there where the DVD player is.  It has a swivel base, so the TV could be turned.  But then my sister gave us the wall mounted stand,  so it is what it is.

If we *ever* get that room transmogrified from a storage room to a guest room,  there will at least be a TV there.  Not sure when that day will come.


Well,  sitting here isn’t making it happen, so I’d best be off.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. I would love to have a peek inside your head to see all the little neurons bouncing around. Is it painful at all? I still say you are the Segue King!

  2. Amazing what we learn while reading your postings. "Nipple" and "Flat bastard" LOL

    Aren't these attic things annoying? It is just STUFF that I would like to throw out, but...

    The phrase 'if we *ever* get that (done)"
    is well know in this house too! Usual it HAPPENS just before we move out! :((

  3. Donna's comment just cracked me up. So true. Painful?? Love it.

  4. I liked the title:) The rest left me a little lost, but then that happens to me a lot:(

  5. I understood every word and thought you wrote and that has me extremely worried.


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