Monday, December 23, 2013

Man, were we ever lucky.

I’m almost afraid to jinx it by even talking about it,  but we didn’t lose our power the whole time that others around us are without.  And some (many) are *still* in the dark. 

Daughter Number Two and hubby decided to hang out with us yesterday for most of the day, as their place was without power,  and at one point later in the afternoon we were considering whether to go back and pack up the dog and cat,  but then their power came back on around seven I think it was.   And how did they know this you might ask?   Well,  one of the folks in the building is a friend on the Book of Face,  and he had stayed behind.  It wasn’t like it was really bitterly cold or anything,  and he had work to do.  At one point though,  he said it was getting too dark to draw.  He’s a artist of the comic book variety,  so he just sits and works. 

Anyhoodle,  I don’t have a whole lot to offer at the moment.  We’ve done our running around in order to fetch the turkey, ham and what have you.  So we’re *done*.

Until we think of something that we’re missing of course.  There’s some sort of law about that.

Saw this little guy just hanging out, outside our kitchen window this morning.


I’m guessing he was up there trying to get a little dried out?  It’s pretty damp out there.

Speaking of laws,  and by that I mean Murphy’s,  there was a message when we got home that there was a leak,  and would I mind coming to take a look?

Come to find out,  when Daughter Number One’s significant other went to brush his teeth this morning,  he found himself standing in just a little bit of water.  In his sock feet.  That’s never fun.

So it turns out that the over flow for the sink has a slight leak.  That was a bit of a relief I suppose,  since I wasn’t sure if it was a leak on the pressure side of things, or the drain side of things.  The overflow is a bit of an odd arrangement, since it consists of a channel that appears to be stuck onto the outside of the bowl, leading from the overflow down to the drain.  No wonder it started to leak. 

There was a brief discussion about plumber’s putty,  but I know from previous experience (most of it bad) that it’s best to just put in a new sink and be done with it. And a better one at that.

The aggravation of trying to fix a leak that you can barely detect is never a good option.  HOWEVER,  the interim solution is to put a pan under the damned thing and sort it out some time in January.  It’s too close to Christmas,  the stores are all mobbed,  and I have no desire to get something half ways apart and discover there’s some little thing missing.  It’s a law.  It’s gonna happen.

And that’s about it for today I’m thinking.  Travelling Companion made a couple pumpkin pies to match the two apple pies from yesterday,  which means I stay clear of the kitchen.  

The remainder of the activities between now and Christmas Eve consist of more food preparation, present wrapping, and ingesting copious amounts of the food that’s been prepared. 

I’ve lost count, but we’re expecting in the neighbourhood of 20 for dinner.  We’re not entirely sure.  It’ll depend on the weather for some, and their state of well being for others.  Meh, we’re flexible.


Try not to overdo it.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Rule number one of plumbing.... Replace everything in sight!! And then pray for the pipes in the wall...... LOL

  2. Always good to have family near by when the lights and heat go our:))

  3. Good thing you already had the turkey and ham or that squirrel might have been Christmas dinner, although don't think he'd have fed all 20 of your guests...

    Merry Christmas and hopefully you won't have too many more puddles to deal with! :cD

  4. Stocking feet in puddles is not a good thing. Replace always works for me. Jim always wants to go to the repair route first. I like to just get right to the replace route. Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

  5. Bob - Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014!

  6. Which is worse... no water at all or too much water? Ok, not a reasonable question. So instead, I'll wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014.

  7. You dodged a bullet with that storm alright.

    Good decision on opting for a new sink and better decision to wait until after the holidays to fix it. I tried to repair a leaky sink earlier this year and it was a disaster until I finally bought a whole new one.

    Merry Christmas Bob to you, TC and your entire family.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you stay on the better side of the bad weather.
    We are so glad we didn't stay home. They lost power for about 24 hours! - All "good" things happen on a holiday, that's Murphy's law for sure. But all will be a memory, eventually.

  9. Have a very Merry Christmas - it's a law!!


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