Friday, December 13, 2013

Thought I was having a stroke.

Well,  the first time it happened,  that was the thought that popped into my head.  This time, I knew better.

I was standing there at the counter,  just about to order my stamps and had decided to put on my specs.  As it was, everything was pretty blurry from having just come in from the cold,  but then it got worse when the glasses were added to the equation. Whoa! What’s going on here?

Took me a second or two to realise that no, I wasn’t having some sort of an “episode”,  but rather that a lens had fallen out.


At least it was still in the case, and not crushed to bits on the floor. 

Naturally,  being in need of glasses in order to see how to fix your glasses,  presents a bit of a conundrum.  Thankfully they had “cheaters” on sale at Shoppers. 

I have to say, this is one of those little “jobs” that I do tend to ever so slightly dread.  I have to choose my words carefully here too,  since there are possibly readers out there who just might be the recipient of a piece of mail over the next few days. 

Let’s put it this way, once upon a time when I was in school (and you can take that to mean whatever you want) there was always that sense of dread when it came to writing an essay.

You had to just sit down and “do it”.


It’s kind of like that with me and Christmas cards.  Ironically, I definitely find it easier these days to sit down and bang out a 1000 word essay.  Mostly because I don’t *have to*, not to mention the slight issues I might have with verbal diarrhea.  Hell,  I’d probably have to cut out great big chunks.

Oooh, that “chunks” image wasn’t the best,  was it?

Anyway,  we’re done.  Boom.  Went through the list,  checked it twice.  I’m missing a couple addresses but there’s not too much I can do about that.   Doc Emmet moved to Yarmouth and I have no clue what their address is,  so we’ll see if they send us something. 

Oh, I meant to say my brother John.  Sorry.  Freudian slip.


I managed to knock off another little job yesterday afternoon.  The new washing machine is “up and running”.  More than one meaning to “up” as well.   You may recall that I had built a stand for the thing?



There she be.

I don’t mind saying,  getting that thing up there was a bit of a workout.  And I don’t “work out”.   I guess I haven’t completely lost my “lifting, grunting, snorting” mojo just yet.   But there was a drop or two of sweat involved.  Oy.

Sadly,  the other machine to the right there has got to go.  Even though it still works. Dammit.  Just clunks when it spins. 



All kinds of fancy stuff going on there.


Maybe I should start taking in laundry?   Let me see now,  what would be our motto?  “If it can be shrunk,  we’ll shrink it.  Now you know.”

Nothing like letting the customer know what to expect.  “We aims to please,  or at least not surprise you”.  That would be my second choice.  Or maybe put that on the back of the business card?

Hell,  I betcha I could make at least five bucks a week.



This morning it’s a bit of a “Winter Wonderland” out there.

I just said that with a stupid smirk on my face,  which is only something I would dare do in print.  If I said “Winter Wonderland” like that to anyone in person, I’d probably get slapped. 

And deservedly so.


And no,  I’m not mixed up when it comes to garbage day,  those are bags of clothes for a charity that will come by and pick sh*t up at your door.  This time around it’s Cerebral Palsy,  but we get calls from the Canadian Diabetic Association as well,  and they called a couple days after the first bunch.  I *suppose*,  in light of the frequency of diabetes in the family, I should chose the one over the other.  That would mean I’d have to actually be *thinking* when they call? 

Don’t even go there.


I think I mentioned (and will continue to do so)  that we’re starting to get some wintery conditions?

Well,  that doesn’t mean I don’t BBQ. 

BBQ season?  We don’t need no stinkin’ BBQ season!  We’re Canadian,  dammit!  Unless it’s pissing down rain,  or blowing and snowing so bad that I can’t SEE the BBQ,  I’ll be out there.  And even in the rain.  I have an umbrella.

Besides, I only need one free hand.


Last night I once again did honey garlic sausages.  Oh man!

If I hit Denninger's at just the right time, I have a very hard time passing up a sausage purchase.  They make their own sausages,  and they only come in on Wednesday afternoons!   You *might* find a sausage in the place on a Friday,  but definitely not Monday or Tuesday.  Nope.

They make them fresh,  and then they’re gone.  Can’t beat that.


I think that’s going to be it for today.  Should be an interesting couple of days coming up,  weather wise.

Didn’t put them winter tires on for nothing!


All grammar mistakes are intentional.


Don’t eat the yellow snow.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I hate when I loose a lens from my glasses, sure get confuddled. But I do have a spare pair so that I can still see what I am doing.
    Love fresh made sausage, our fav is garlic sausage without the honey.
    Now if you are ever driving through Hermann MO. you have to stop at Swiss Meat and sausage. All made right there and so many different types. Free hot samples too!

    Yes BBQ on the Weber Q year round is the way to go.

  2. Glad it was only a lens. As for being Canadian, I can never understand how those teenage kids run around in 10 degrees below without even bothering with the gloves.

  3. That washing machine looks pretty high to me... at 5'4" would I be able to reach the knobs to set the right cycle? Not that I'm volunteering to do the wash... just wondering.... I'm a sucker for sausages... right now I have a few links of venison/pork in the fridge... been thinking of ways to fix them.

    1. The controls are just a little bit higher than four feet, so even for someone who is vertically challenged, perfect.
      I don't like to bend over more than necessary. Something to do with arthritis. The washer is smaller than the dryer, so I put it on a higher base to make them come up to the same height.

    2. Love that solution. Just hate bending so low to load my washer. Plus I have to stand on my toes to start the dryer that is stacked on top. Great machines but just not practical. Glad you got is sorted out.

  4. How does this work when it's spinning. Doesn't the machine try to "walk" off the stand? I remember, at home we had a stand made of concrete to avoid the swinging movement of the floor where the machine was sitting on.

    1. I'll be watching to see if it tries to "walk". If the load is out of balance these machines will spin back and forth until it sorts itself out. So far (I've done a couple loads) it hasn't budged. It's a heavy machine (hence the workout!) and the feet seem to be extra "sticky". It has these rubber feet that DO NOT want to move.
      We'll see.

  5. OH Bea, I expect Bob did make , I la concrete stand. Or...?
    Man, I laughed my head off today. You sure have a way to say things.

  6. Yes you definitely know exactly how to keep everyone's interest and entertain us at the same time.
    I don't think any of us need to wear cheaters it's a conspiracy that the printers use the smallest print they can to save on ink cost and do you notice when you need them to do a repair on something mechanical it's always the smallest part that needs the repair. Truly a conspiracy!
    As far as the weather goes it'll be passing through our area before heading your way so hopefully we'll take less of our share so you can truly appreciate it. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Man - interesting moment - glad it was only the lens.

  8. After my cataract surgery, I had to take the lens out of my glasses until I could get new ones with the new prescription. Funny, I still see better with the old glasses minus the lens. But for some reason people look at me strangely when I wear them...

    At least I can clearly see the yellow snow now! :cD


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