Friday, December 6, 2013

OK fine, it’s a crowbar.

I think I’ve been outvoted.  Maybe I’ll just call it that “metal thingy”.  The long one can be a “post hole digger”.  There we go.

Probably the true test would be,  take both items to a construction site,  lay them down in front of a group of guys in hard hats and tell them to bring me the crow bar.  And wait to see what happens.  Maybe “gals” in hard hats?  I suppose so,  if there are any around.

As a further curiosity, I found another snippet of information where the contention is that *all of them* are subspecies of crowbars.  Maybe that makes more sense.

Let’s drop it.


I’ve been carrying on with my little pipe wrapping project, mostly to get a sense of having something *done*.   Plus, there have been times when I’ve come in contact with a rather warm boiler pipe when messing with the phone line or whatever,  and it’s not a lot of fun.  Especially when it’s that back part of your upper arm?  Yikes.



You can see how it’s kind of “busy” in that corner.  And just out of frame at the top there is where the phone lines all hook up.  I don’t know how many times I’ve touched a hot boiler pipe.   So that won’t happen again.

Of course,  we no longer really use all the various phone jacks I installed all over the house,  since now the phones are all cordless.  Even the cat five cable I installed is somewhat redundant.   (Um, computer cable?)

When I was rummaging around in that corner,  I came across the “new” door to the panel that I was given to me to install in place of the two part arrangement that you see there.   There’s a door that supposed to go over that, that I removed many moons ago and never put back. Sad, I know.  Turns out the hinges are somewhat rusted,  so I may have to go ahead and install the replacement.

I don’t quite recall how it was that I was given the new door,  but the installation involves opening up the panel and installing a brace up in the “hot” end.  So even if I shut off the power,  it will still be “hot”.  I’ll have to think on that.  I’m not overly keen on pulling the meter either, so that’s not an option.

Meanwhile,  since the “new” door was leaning up against the wall in the corner,  it was ever so slightly gross,  and needed to be cleaned up.



I so love having a sink in my garage shop.

I think I’m pretty much *done* adding circuits,  so I suppose it won’t matter that putting on this cover will mean that its removal would also expose the hot end of the panel. 

I tend to think the two pole 20 amp breaker for the air conditioning is the last circuit that will ever go in.   Unless I build another shed or something.  I don’t think I’d get too far in the permit process on that one though.  Not to mention the issue of domestic politics.


Putting stuff on here that we shove in our pie holes isn’t something that I do that often I realise,  but I had a hankering for some home made pizza yesterday.




I particularly like using the pepperoni that’s already cut up.  I’ve cut up my own in the past, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same thickness.

I did have some issues with my dough however.  I *used* to be able to do this.  I don’t know what happened.  I didn’t make home made pizza the whole time we were in Europe,  so I guess I got out of practise.

It stayed together,  but not without a couple choice words coming out of my mouth.

I also had this bright idea to slap the whole thing on parchment paper.   Actually,  that worked like a charm.  Clean-up was well,  there *was* no clean up. 

Step one:  Cook pizza.

Step two:  Eat pizza (and save any leftovers)

Step three:  Crumple up parchment paper and throw away. 

And that’s that. Bob’s yer Uncle!



I thought it had a little too much sauce,  but Travelling Companion quite liked it.  We won’t get into the aforementioned domestic politics,  but I’ll just say that’s a good thing.

The parchment paper did get a little brown,  but that didn’t matter.

The only thing was,  rolling out the dough on parchment paper sucked big time.  That part just doesn’t work at all.  Just thought I’d let you know.

I get these goofy ideas sometimes, and since I’m too stupid to know any better,  I just bumble along. 


We’re back down to the somewhat normal temperatures for this time of year,  but that’s to be expected.  No freezing rain or ice or what have you though,  which makes it still seem rather mild. 

There was a brief snippet on the book of face from a Friend who is having an anniversary today.   Makes me think of their wedding,  where T.C. and I were in attendance.  And you may be thinking,  “Oh, a wedding in December?”   That would be tricky around here,  weather wise I’m sure.

But, the weather did cooperate.

OK I’ll fess up, we were in the Dominican Republic.  That always helps. It also cuts way down on the list of attendees too,  although I don’t think that was the intent of the venue.  The groom had proposed a year earlier when we were all together in Jamaica, so they were just keeping with a theme.   I like that kind “theme” wedding.  Not the kind where there’s some sort of goofy costume involved.  Ever see 27 dresses? 

There were no swimming trunks in the wedding party.  Just wanted to point that out.   There needs to be some sense of “propriety”.  C’mon.


Anyhoodle,  lunch is over.  Better finish my chores. 

Now I’ll be humming the tune to Green Acres for the rest of the afternoon.  Dammit. 


Here,  in case you forgot how it goes. Just to put that bug in your ear.



Bonus points if you can figure out what the tractor is he’s driving. 


Oh,  and I should mention, it’s Miklavz day!   Or St. Nicholas day,  or any number of variations.  Sorry to say,  my kids didn’t get anything even if they remembered to put out a box outside their bedroom door.  Oh well.



Have a fine weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. On the show, his tractor was a Hoyt-Clagwell. In reality though, his tractor was a Fordson model "F" built from 1917-1926 ...... Don't you just love the internet, you can google anything...LOL

  2. Bill looked at the clip of the tractor... said "I don't know" and went back to playing with his new electronic tablet or whatever it is... I, on the other hand, can't get that damned song out of my head. Maybe I'll just give up and make pizza for supper... might take a crowbar to get it off the pan. We had an ice/snow storm here... in Texas.... and I've got cabin (RV) fever less than 8 hours later... cut me a break!

  3. That pizza makes my mouth water!
    What worked in Europe might not work as well over here. They have different flour types. I cannot use European cake recipes, they won't work out here. If I use american/canadian recipes it usually works.

  4. That pizza looks delicious! I loved Green Acres! Still do!

  5. The pizza is awesome looking.
    TIP: try to sprinkle a little flower on the parchment and dough ( no sticking) always worked for me in the restaurant.

  6. I've never even heard of cooking anything on parchment paper. I'm sure I'd light the house on fire if I tried.

    Great looking pizza by the way.

    It's a crowbar.

  7. My trick for pizza dough is to use the breadmaker but take the dough out and flatten it before it bakes into,,, pizza bread(?)

    I am happy to hear you are back to somewhat "normal" temperatures because that gives me hope that the Arctic front has passed and that if it has passed you, it will soon pass us down here in the Rio Grande Valley where we sit waiting for warmer weather with all the other "Winter Texans".

  8. Mike says the tractor in your clip is a John Deere D because of the right angle flywheel. Me--I have no clue. Did you flour the parchment??

    1. I was leaning towards John Deere, but wasn't sure. No flour on the parchment. Didn't stick either.

  9. My guess is it wasn't a matter of the dough sticking to the parchment but a problem with the parchment sliding around on the countertop. Use a bit of freezer or just plain masking tape and tape the parchment to the counter. Works like a charm - but take the tape off before you put it in the oven.

  10. If the dough stuck to the parchment paper, you should have used a crow bar to free it... :cP

  11. 1. I've only seen one of 'your' crowbars in my life; my folks had it and I still wish I had kept it.
    2. Electric box + amateur - dead duck. Let someone else fix it properly. The next guy touching the box might not have your luck.
    3. I was thinking Fordson tractor but that's after some internet surfing!
    4. Nice post for having very little to say! LOL


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