Sunday, December 8, 2013

Well that was fun.

And no,  I’m not being sarcastic.  Not at the moment anyway.

I’ve been threatening to get a new TV for the bedroom for a while.  Just having to squint too much to see the one that’s in there now.  So I went “on the line” on Sunday night to see what there was out there.

So,  what arrived on our doorstep Friday afternoon?






It was shipped Monday.  I got it Friday.

I’m going to sound like one of those Old Timers sitting there squinting into the radio,  trying to figure out how they got both Amos and Andy in there,  but I do find that whole thing of ordering on line and getting it delivered before you can turn around twice utterly amazing.  Especially when you don’t quite expect it.

First,  there was some fun on the bed.


Um,  not what you think.

And then,  since I was in the mood to take pictures,  we went from this:



Which I’ll admit,  does look quite acceptable, size wise.


To this:



I’ve known for some time that I have to make a new TV “stand”,  since we now have a couple too many components.  I have yet to hook this thing up to the internet,  but I’ll take a stab at that in the coming days.  There’s a “dongle”  you can get,  but we’re just a wee bit too far from the router to get a good wifi signal.  Plus,  it’s just a tad pricey.   I have some spare Cat five out in the shed.  

I know that shed must sound like it’s some sort of “Wonderland” where there’s just everything you could imagine.  But really, there’s only the stuff I think I’ll need one day.  If I don’t use it in a reasonable time frame,  it becomes junk.

Ever wonder who came up with the name “dongle”?  Seriously?


So Travelling Companion and I have been getting caught up on “Game of Thrones”.   We started at the beginning again, since she didn’t recall having watched too much the first time. 

That’s mostly since she’d nod off to sleep on a Sunday afternoon when watching media files in Vienna.  The European assignment was probably the toughest five years of her career,  so napping on the weekends was almost expected.




Forty two was as big as I wanted to get,  otherwise I would have had to move those cabinets.  I have to paint that room eventually,  but I don’t need to be looking at holes or patches in the drywall in the meantime.


Now,  sticking with the “fun” idea,  I decided to tackle a little annoyance this morning.  This is where we turn on the sarcastic font I’m thinking.

We have a fridge downstairs that works just fine,  but has an annoying mild banging, throbbing, clunking thing going on.  Hard to describe,  but annoying as hell. 

I’d be down there quietly reading,  and this thing would fire up and my first thought was, “How the heck did anyone sleep down here?”

So…I fixed it!  Dammit.


Come to find out,  it wasn’t the compressor.  That was my first thought.  I thought maybe it was loose or something.  Nope.


Turns out,  there’s a fan that blows across the water that collects in the evaporator tray (it’s a frost free model) and the stupid thing has a little shimmy going on.


If I held my finger against the housing,  I could make the noise go away. 

There we go.  Problem solved.  I just have to stay there with my finger against that housing.

Well,  that was simple.



Not exactly a long term solution however.

I decided to cut a piece of wood and stick it in there instead.  My finger was getting tired.  

By the way,  this is where the Robertson screw really comes into its own.


No way you could do that with a Philips.  I find most anything besides a Robertson to be pretty much an abomination.  I put the one screw in there to hold it in place,  and put the cover back on and that was that.

There’s insulation on the inside of the cover,  which gives it just enough of a cushion to keep the thing from rumbling.  

My big job for the day. 


I do realise that the wood will block a little bit of the air blowing over the tray, but it’s only trying to evaporate the water.  It just blows around the other way.  I might check on it in a couple years and report back.

I’m pretty sure that piece of cedar will outlast the fridge.  It is after all,  a Whirlpool.  Don’t get me started.


Well,  I guess that’s all I have to “report”.  I’m sure you care.


Enjoy your Sunday.


Thanks for stopping in. 

I know where you are,  so bundle up.




  1. There's no space anywhere near that big in our rig to put anything that big... not even on the ceiling! It just amazes me how big TV screens are these days... and flat... and yes, mail orders (is it still called that?) do come in record time... when the roads aren't icy ;-)

  2. "...but I don’t need to be looking at holes or patches in the drywall in the meantime.."
    l don't see a problem here, you just would have to buy a screen that is big enough to cover those patches as well. ;)

  3. I am continually amazed at the collection of odds and ends in your shop that always seems to save the day. Who keeps Robertson screws around? Besides you.

    But you have to define what a "reasonable amount of time" is, because it doesn't seem that you've arrived at that moment yet. ;c)

    1. All Canadians keep Robertson screws around Paul. They are Canada's national screws! We know screws and Phillip's screws are just nuts!!

  4. Oh, I think the rest of Canada keeps Robertson screws around. They are the "go to" type of fastener at the hardware store or Home Despot. Whether wood screw, sheet metal screw or what have you. We got 'em.

  5. We need a bigger TV in our living room. We have a 32" which would be fine except it's clear across the room and I have that squinty thing going on too.

  6. Ever heard of PDD? Paul and Marti drive too many miles in a day so it is now that well knows blog acronym. I want the BCC tongue in cheek font....been looking everywhere. You really aren't really sarcastic....just have a permanent tongue in cheek thing going on that always makes me laugh. Now where is that font?

  7. TV looks great. Nice job on the refrigerator. Nothing like crossing one of those pesky issues off the list...

  8. That tv is nice. our coach has a 19inch in the dash, not many other places to put one . Its still working, one of those CRT 50 lb tvs. Some day it will quit and another 19in flat screen will find its way in there.
    Robertson screw are really the only ones that work for me too, always have a good supply on hand.

  9. Great looking TV - only other solution I could have figured out would have been to move the bed closer to the wall and/or shorten the length of the bed just a bit.


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