Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Company’s coming.

It’s been a pretty ordinary Wednesday here,  except that both Travelling Companion and I went to breakfast with the Wednesday group.  She thought she’d get in some practise for when she retires.  And yes,  there is talk of retiring,  but that’s not something I’ll mention just yet.  You’ll have to stay tuned.


Anyhoodle,  there was a plan afoot to set up yet another bed,  which of course means Muggins here is the one with that particular little job.  I had been putting off assembling any more beds with the view of getting rid of more of the *stuff* in the upstairs room.  The thing is,  it ain’t my stuff,  and I’m waiting patiently for Daughter Number Two and Hubby to come and get it.   I’ve pretty much assembled it into boxes,  now all it needs is to go.

If you’ve been hanging around here for a few years (poor bastards) you may recall something we refer to as a “Day Bed”,  that I’ve set up and taken apart countless times.  No really.  Countless.  It was purchased in New York State, went to Puerto Rico,  came back to Canada,  went to the Netherlands,  went to Vienna and then came back to Canada again.  Good thing it doesn’t have stickers from all the places where its been or you wouldn’t be able to see the bed.   Oh,  and when we first got to Vienna,  I had to take it apart and move it once,  since it wasn’t quite where it was supposed to be.  I just SO LOVE putting beds together.  You know what kind of font we’re talking about here, right?


So this was my afternoon.  Well,  part of it.  I’m not that slow.


And naturally,  even though I did a thorough cleaning down there not that long ago,  I still had to vacuum up a host of webs and spiders!  Where the hell do they come from?   Little bastards. 

*Thinks*.   I’d better go up to the room where I had these parts stored and see if there are any more hanging around.  It’s a sure bet.


DSC_0001 DSC_0002



The bottom part is on a frame that comes out and can be raised to make into a second bed or a king.  We wanted to have a half decent set of mattresses, (Sealy…something or other) which meant that each of them are just that much thicker,  and therefore the top one is quite high up in order to fit the second one underneath.  These are things you learn the hard way the first time you put it together.   Don’t ask.


Now of course,  I just have to struggle with all the packing material.   Gah!



I mean,  I know the movers had to wrap everything and I appreciate the good job they did and all that,  but crikey! 

I don’t know how many “bales” of this stuff I’ve set out at the curb.  


Well now,  that was exciting wasn’t it??  


Aren’t you glad you stopped by?   And well,  thanks for that.

Not much else to see here,  move along. 


  1. I moved the same bed.... Dozens of times.. Even went and bought a set of T handle allen drivers for the hex screws.. But finally, we gave the bed away to an unsuspecting relative... Trundle and all.. If you had the money that it took to move it all over the world, you could have bought a dozen beds...

    1. Rod, I suspect Bob and TC didn't have to pay for the friggin bed-moving as that bill was most likely paid by the unnamed company, right Bob?

    2. Oh goodness yes. I think I would have gone with a couple suitcases if WE had had to pay.

    3. Oh but, I'd *take the money* too. And we moved pretty cheaply, relatively speaking.

  2. I'd love to have that bed right now... our mattress is anything BUT a Sealy or anything even resembling that. I'd even take the packing material... it might not be too bad for comfort, either. Truthfully, the bed here isn't THAT bad... just not exactly "home".

    1. Ah, but you can sit in the warm sun at mid-day and have a nice siesta, si? But you're right, it's less than ideal if the bed is sub par. That was the one thing I really liked about travelling by Motorhome. We took our own bed with us. AND, I had replaced the horrid RV mattress with a proper Queen sized one. It was pretty nice.

  3. I have busted any number of knuckles putting those *Y*&%(% beds together and taking them down again.

  4. Bob, save yourself more hassle by going to Canadian Tire and buying a double or queen inflatable bed. They power up and down in no time and are very comfy too - under a $100 and as they say in the commercials "priceless".

  5. Retiring yes a great choice better sooner than later.


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