Monday, December 9, 2013

And me with no long johns.



It’s all gone by now of course,  although they “say” it’s going to get colder over the next few days.  Sure don’t want to get too smug about our weather situation.  It could be worse.

It’s a balmy +2°C,  but the wind is a wee bit brisk,  so hoofing it down to the store meant going with the winter coat program. 


I figured it was about time to put away the lawn mower. The prospects of having to cut any more grass this season are pretty slim, or at least that’s the plan I’ll be going with.

Naturally there was more gas in the tank than I counted on, but I managed to get it all drained without getting completely saturated or going up in flames. Then I like to run it dry. It’s either that or put in gas stabilizer,  but with a small tank it’s easier to just take the gas out.  I noticed that I’ve managed to scrape off a wee bit of the paint along one side of the housing.  Figures.

Didn’t take any pictures.  It’s a lawnmower. 


We were having a brief discussion at the pub on Friday afternoon about the “cost effectiveness” of different ways of making coffee.

Well, we didn’t use those exact words,  but that was what it boiled down to. Wait, was that a pun?

I don’t think drinking coffee can ever be characterised in terms of cost effectiveness.  Whatever you pay,  it’s not because you *need* that hit of java.  Well,  not in the same way that you *need* to breathe air or pay your heat or taxes, let’s just say.

Then I pointed out that Travelling Companion and I like two different kinds of coffee,  and then the use of the Tassimo system became self evident.

Besides that,  you can make a vast array of different types of coffee. Espresso,  cappuccino.  Whatever.  None of which really interest me.  Although I did buy some hot chocolate back in the summer at some point.

One of my brothers had planned on coming for a visit,  and he’s not a coffee drinker.  So I had the hot chocolate on hand for him.

The plans fell through, so it looks as though I’ll have to drink the hot chocolate.



I mean, (back pedalling here) it’s *unfortunate* that we didn’t get to see my brother,  but there’s a *few* packets of hot chocolate that are just well,  sitting there…


I tend to have some Halloween candy issues that follow the same type of pattern.  “Oh, we didn’t get that many kids this year!  Isn’t that a shame?”   “What EVER will we do with all that left over chocolate?”

You do it too.  Don’t judge me. 

Perfect day for a cup of hot chocolate.   It’s one of the “two part” kinds,  where you start with the syrup,  and then put in the disc for the milk.   Twarnt bad.  And heaps easier than heating up the water on the stove or whatever. Well, I guess.  I don’t know.   Knowing the way these things go,  I’d put the water on to boil and think of it an hour later.

There are those who like to heat up the milk?  Oh gag.  And then it gets that “protective layer”?  erp.


Scraping the bottom of the cup here.  Probably best to quit while ahead.


Try to stay on the road if you have to go out,  if not,  stay the hell inside.  



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  1. I'm a little surprised you didn't squirrel away that hot chocolate in your shop and save it for a future decade.

    Hey, you never know when it might come in handy for patching a wall or replacing a shingle...

  2. We had a coffeepot squirreled away in one of the bays... I dragged it out when this cold weather hit. Since neither of us are big coffee drinkers, I make a pot then "if" there's any left over I finish it off with "some" Bailey's in the afternoon. You know... waste not/want not..... I can think of a few uses for that hot chocolate as well ;-)

    1. Bailey's huh? Could see myself trying this if we had any in the house.......:()

  3. Same here, keep forgetting the water on the stove. Especially when I go out into the garden weeding for a minute or 30 more...
    But I got myself a little digital alarm clock from WM for a buck. Set i to 1 minute and clip it to my shirt and ....bepbepbep..Oh, the water! :))

  4. Don't like cocoa made of water. Gotta be milk in it. Oh and I don't use syrup. There is cocoa powder in the store....

  5. We do what it takes to keep warm in this weather, we got thru the coldness, stayed off the road when required and can enjoy some sunshine now.
    We drink a whole pot of black coffee every morning so no waste here, will have to drink my Bailey's straight.

  6. Good to hear you survived the cold snap! Did you get you Xmas lites up?


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