Friday, November 29, 2013

Just a Friday.

And it’s a wee bit cool.

I’m not going to sugar coat it although, at least it is sunny.

Immediately after Travelling Companion left for work (pardon my language) this morning  I had the overwhelming urge to hoof it down to the lake and try a couple sunrise shots.




Didn’t bother compensating for the intensity of the sun in that second one.  Too cold to be fiddling with camera settings.  I wasn’t even going to try putting on my glasses to see if I actually got anything.  It could have gone either way.

I think that one is OK though,  even though it’s dark.  The drama!

And hey,  I got a little exercise.  I think that was mostly because by the time I took the third or fourth shot,  I already had to go to the loo. 

That’ll get you moving.

Somehow I *don’t* think I’ll be riding the bike to the pub.  Now admittedly,  I did ride in cold temperatures in the Netherlands,  but there were a couple things in play.  First of all,  so was everyone else.   And secondly,  I some how felt it my civic duty to follow along.  I don’t seem to have that same motivation here.  I think it will need to be at least above freezing?   I’ll go with that.


Gratuitous house photo. 


In a certain light it doesn’t actually look all that bad.  Looking too close is never a good idea.

By the way,  one of the “joys” of having a grape vine at the front of the house?  It gets pruned in these temperatures.  Trust me, that’s *such* a lot of fun.


Realising that I’ve procrastinated long enough on a little project,  I thought I’d better get it wrapped up before spring.


This will be a pedestal for the new washing machine.   It’s only been about a decade since I had the intention of making this,  but some stuff got in the way.   So I did have to dust off those drawer slides a bit.  

It’s a little higher than the “store bought” models.  But that’s mostly because,  that’s the way I wanted it.


I think front load washing machines are kinda cool and all, but I’ve never been overly thrilled with all that bending over to load and unload.  Hence the cabinet.   Then down below of course,  there will be gobs of storage.  Can never have too much it seems.   I just like to have things “put away”. 

You’d be hard pressed to know that of course,  judging by the amount of stuff that we still have just hanging around. (Well, behind closed doors) But I can blame it on the move.    I’ll get it all sorted out eventually.


Hope everyone survived their big meal.   It was just an ordinary Thursday here.  AND an ordinary Friday.  We don’t do that whole “Black Friday” thing.  Not on your life.

I can’t even begin to imagine what *thing* I would want that badly that would have me lining up at a store.  To then give somebody some money!   What? 

But hey,  if that’s your thing.   More power to ya.

Enjoy your new *things*.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great sunrise shots but what time does TC leave for work??? Great idea about the washer stand. Never enough storage.

  2. Excellent sunrise pics by the way. You did a great job with your gloves on.
    What its Friday!! How woulda known? Just another awesome day for us. Oh, but more people in the campground, kids, dogs, noise and stuff, no problem, turn my hearing aides off and all is good.

  3. I didn't know what day it was (I guess it still is) all day... I mean... I've been retired for nearly 17 years, but there's still (usually) something that keeps my inner "calendar" in sync... but maybe because I took my hearing aids out a couple days ago due to nearly 30 of my son-in-laws family arriving on the scene for the holiday (you, know... US Thanksgiving ;-) I decided to take them out and live in la-la land... (don't ask)... so if you want to take a picture of the beach and tell me it's Friday, that's just fine with me. I'll just sit here with another glass of wine... no hearing aids ... may even take off my spectacles... and frankly, my dear, don't give a good gol-dern what day of the week it is.

  4. Those sunrise pics turned out excellent.

    All this Black Friday stuff is getting nuttier and nuttier each year.

  5. I am glad that someone is motivated to get out in the cold for the sunrise shot. Saves me from even thinking about it:)

  6. Black Friday is named for the real color of shopper's eyes after all the fist fights over the savings on all the bargains...

  7. The photos turned out nice. But getting out of my warm house at that early hour - naah! Though, I confess, I have contemplated the move. The other day we had nice "sea smoke" over the bay. I could see it from my kitchen window. That would make a nice photo, I thought, but going out and doing it.......I decided against it. Too cold, too early. ;)


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