Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I’m here. Really.

There seems to be certain subjects that do indeed bring forth the comments.  A snow storm seems to be one of them.   I don’t “do” religion or politics,  unless of course it involves making fun of politicians.  But that’s almost like cruelty to animals.  Dumb animals at that.

I guess I didn’t have anything to say yesterday that was worth saying.  I was a little taken aback to read about “Butterbean” Carpenter.  He last made a comment here on December 5th.  Maybe that’s why I just figured I had nothing worth while? 

We can get all maudlin and philosophical, but that won’t help matters any.


It’s a beautiful day here at the Ponderosa.  It snowed just enough this morning to make the parking lots greasy,  which makes it more of challenge to go on foot that by car.  There’s not much you can wear that will keep you from slipping in the snot.



I think the fellow across the road might have a bit of an issue getting into his place?  He lives up in Caledon on what I understand is a country property,  and I don’t know if he has a snow blower or a tractor with a blade.  Maybe he’s still snowed in?  Doubtful.


I didn’t mention what we did on Saturday,  did I?  During the storm.

Initially Travelling Companion wanted to go to a mass for her parents in Hamilton at EIGHT a.m.   And we managed to get about half way through town (it’s spread out,  so we’re talking maybe a couple miles) and decided to skip it.  There had been no plowing at all at that point in the morning and it was getting worse the farther west we went.  So it was back home for breakfast.

And that would have been all fine and dandy.  Hang out at home.  Shovel some snow.  No biggie.

However, there was a plan afoot to meet up with a former associate coming over from Austria who had stayed in Canada a couple extra days just to see us.  Just to see us. 

So we HAD to suck it up and go to Toronto later in the day.  There wasn’t going to be a “do over”.


This gentleman used to work with T.C. in the Company that Cannot Be Named,  and has since left to pursue other interests. 

Actually,  he told us later over dinner that he only stuck around as long as he did due to Travelling Companion.  When she said she was coming back to Canada,  he started getting ready for his exit.

He was in Nova Scotia for a few days seeing to a windmill venture that he’s involved in.   Really neat stuff,  but not exactly blog fodder.


He’s a huge hockey fan,  so we took him to the Hockey Hall of Fame down at the corner of Front Street and Young. 

I must say,  even though I’m not that big a hockey fan,  it was kinda cool.  Actually,  let me rephrase that.  I have no clue,  relatively speaking.  It has something to do with shooting a hard black round thingy into a net.  I’ll leave it at that.

We all enjoyed some of the neat displays. 

This is one of those times when,  even if you *think* you don’t know that much (see above) you begin to discover just how little you DO know?  My lack of hockey knowledge was staggering.

We were totally clueless as to how far back hockey goes in Canada,  and all the different types of equipment,  cups, trophies.  The list goes on.


There’s good old Lord Stanley.  Hence,  the “Stanley Cup,”   Not just some name pulled out of a hat.

That’s NOT the Stanley Cup,  by the way.


This is….  ↓



Or maybe it’s a replica?  I really have no clue.  All I know is,  if you had some random thought about grabbing it and running out the open door (yes,  the front door was open and it was freakin’ cold in there) I’m pretty sure there would be a bevy of Toronto’s finest chasing after you in fairly short order.  And, how you gonna get that thing under your coat?  Or run with it down the sidewalk?

So,  there were three different stops,  and three different underground parking garages.  (his hotel, the Hall of Fame and then dinner)   Didn’t have to trudge through the slush one bit.  Our friend had suggested taking the subway,  but I figured we could just crawl along Young street from his hotel on Gerrard to Front.  Wouldn’t have been any quicker by subway,  since you have to GET to the subway somehow.  

I probably shouldn’t offer any opinions on Toronto Transit,  since I don’t have to live there.  But I suspect that it’s not “The better way”.   That’s their motto.  And they’re not even using sarcastic font. 

Oh,  and they refer to themselves as a “World Class City”.  Try not to spit out your coffee!  

I don’t know man,  I don’t even OWN a crack pipe,  so I guess I’m missing out.


I shouldn’t bash Toronto I suppose,  but with the exception of a few new buildings, it still looks the same to me as it did back in the 60s when I first came to Ontario. 


So we made it there and back,  in spite of the roads.  Word is there were some 1700 traffic incidents on the weekend.  Or maybe it was just Saturday?  Not sure. 

I don’t quite know how to explain it.  It’s a heck of a sight more difficult these days to get your driver’s license in Ontario from back in the day when I got mine,  but the skill level has not improved.  If anything its gotten worse.  I don’t even think winter tires would help some of the dough heads that passed us going way too fast.  We caught up to at least one of them (that I recognised) who had spun out into the ditch.  The urge to stop and give a brief lecture is hard to resist.  But man oh man,  if there was ever a time…


Well,  I suppose I could go on about bad driving and poor infrastructure until my fingers start to hurt,  but that would begin to suck in a hurry.

I’m done.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for looking.


  1. I do remember all those day's back in the 60's travelling from Scarborough to Bay and Dundas to work. In the winter, the better way was definitely, bus and subway.
    Now like to rough out the bad winter weather in Arizona.

  2. I know very little about hockey too. But then growing up in Santa Fe NM in the 60's one doesn't get immersed in it. I learned to love and follow the Dallas Cowboys. At the time there were no Denver Broncos. But fast forward a couple of years ago, we were RVing in beautiful Ontario along the shores of Lake Huron and found the Bobby Orr Hockey Museum. Was a great treat that was. Learned a lot about him then and it was a real highlight of our time there.

  3. I should have took a picture of the woman who pulled into the rear parking lot yesterday and came bumper to plow with the guy cleaning the S@#w. She sat there waiting for him to get out of her way. Once he got out of his truck and told her which direction to take she got all flustered. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I think we saw the Stanley Cup on display a few years ago at the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. Our (former) daughter in law loves hockey and is always going on about it... too damned bloody for me. I prefer guys with teeth!

  5. I have enough trouble standing up in skates without worrying about getting crashed into or knocked silly by a hard black plastic disc. I think I'll stick to knitting... ;c)

  6. What a lovely photo of the lovely TC! so rare, I know, so thank her for me! I like seeing your other half now and then.


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