Sunday, December 22, 2013

Slippery Sunday.

We’re having a wee bit of an ice storm.  One of those times when having the car IN the garage instead of out in front of it is certainly the way to go.  Ever notice people don’t put their vehicles undercover even when they have a chance to do so?   Not going to judge.

Just got a call from our Festivus hostess thanking us for coming and making sure we got home OK.   Yes we had a Festivus gathering last night.  There were no “feats of strength” however.  Just good eats,  and a lot of laughter.

Anyway,  our Festivus hostess also mentioned that their power is out.  They’re in Toronto.   Remember how I’ve gone on about the City of Toronto not trimming their trees effectively or letting the residents do the same?  I’m going to go out on a limb here (oh, there’s a pun) and suggest that not sorting out the tree issue tends to make it more likely that your power will be knocked out. 

There,  I said it.

It’s just a theory mind you.


A Saturday night left over.


Of course,  just now our cable crapped out,  but I don’t have a lot of faith in Cogeco or their ability to keep their lines up in either a wind storm or in the event of a little ice.  I’ll call them up later and get a credit for today.  It’s worth the aggravation,  mostly for the satisfaction of having them adjust our monthly bill.  

Sounds petty,  I know.  But dammit, we pay good money for “reliable service”,  so that’s what I expect.

The driving last night wasn’t that bad at all.  It’s the parking lots, sidewalks and side streets that are a wee bit treacherous.  The salt trucks were out in full force.  I was a little concerned when Travelling Companion had to manage the last few feet to get into the house.   Falling on ones keester at that point is never a good thing.

We won’t be going anywhere today.  I’m not even convinced I should venture out to the shed.




Nor will I be going out to take some artsy pictures of the rime ice.  Looking out the window will have to do.



I decided to set up the last bed yesterday.  There would be boatloads of extra room,  except for the “stuff” off there to the left.  We won’t go there.

I was reminded of a little issue I had had when I was disassembling that bed back in Vienna.   And yes,  I realise that the movers could very well do those things,  but I just want them to pack it up so it doesn’t get damaged.  I’d sooner do the taking apart,  so I’ll know where all the little bits are.   On one occasion someone from one of the moves said, “Oh, we put all the hardware in a box.”   To which I replied,  “So if that box gets lost,  NOTHING can ever be put back together.”  The look on his face suggested a light bulb had just been switched on.  Dough head.

We didn’t opt for that scheme.  I keep the hardware with the item.  Then I know where it is.


Anyway, I managed to cross thread one of the bed bolts,  which definitely did suck,  but there was nothing I could do about it at the time.  Then of course,  I rediscovered that little issue yesterday. Gah!


So I had to put on my machinist’s cap.



OK, maybe that cap is a bit of a tight fit.  I mostly have no clue.  Nor do I have much in the way of machinist’s equipment.

If you don’t know what’s going on there,  don’t worry about it.


Good as new.

Hey,  I was pretty proud of myself.  

And that’s mostly because, like I said,  I really have no clue.  Thankfully the thread was the right size, or I would have had to quietly put away my little set of taps and dies and just crank down on the thing I suppose.


Well,  I guess that’s all there is in my pea brain. 


T.C. and I will pass our time watching “Game of Thrones” methinks.




Thanks for stopping by.


  1. About 5 years ago the co-op for our electric service (hydro).Came around and trimmed all the trees within 30 feet of their lines, they have an easement, and at first people bitched, If a tree was dead or dying they would remove it for you including stump grind and planting grass. They keep a watch on all new growth and trim accordingly, We have had one outage in 3 years, and that was because a car took a pole down. Good job with rethreading that bolt. I have acomplete set of Taps and dies in my box,they arelife savers. Sam & Donna...

  2. When I read blogs such as yours today it reminds me of when I first met Bill... he had made chains for his bicycle so he could still bike to work in that slippery stuff. Hard to decide whether he was quite clever or quite .... well, nevermind.

  3. Never good to live on the North side of the lakes me thinks........ But it dumped a boat load of ice down here first too...

  4. Good job Mr Machinist .
    Kinda glad that we did not opt to fly back home for the funeral service today, we may not have landed in Toronto and made it to the service on the back country roads an 100 miles away in time. Then there is the issue of trying to get flight back to Arizona over Christmas.

  5. Didn't know you were a "stripper". Now there's a pun you can die for. Okay, I'm all tapped out now with the puns. See, you're not the only one that can crank them out. Now, on to the next thread... ;c)

  6. Same tree trimming issue in our town. When it storms, the power goes out.

    1. Smart thinking on the machining for the thread. I'd have just looked for a bigger hammer!

  7. That ice storm even has folks down here in Mazatlan concerned as the power is out in their home. Mind you it is cold enough that the stuff in the freezer should stay frozen.


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