Sunday, December 15, 2013

That’ll get your heart going.

You probably know this,  but this:


DSC_0003 what we woke up to.   Not that that was a surprise or anything.

It’s a winter wonderland.

Don’t slap me.

Great fun to sit and watch the knobs get stuck at that corner, by the way.  Is that mean?


The following will either make you feel nostalgic or smug.  Depends on where you are.


DSC_0005 DSC_0004

Then of course, after making my NFL picks for this week,  I figured I’d get out there and tackle it.

Oh goodie!



Um, that would be ‘sarcastic font’.   Just thought I’d point that out.

It had mostly stopping snowing last night when we came in from our grand day out,  and I thought I might have some difficulty backing up the driveway to put the car in the garage.  Didn’t happen.

We have that whole “Four Matic” program going on there,  and it does seem to make a difference in “adverse conditions”.  There are numerous explanations on the web

I didn’t kill myself shovelling.  Not this time anyway. It’s surprising how quickly I had to first briefly come inside and take off a sweater I thought I needed,  followed by having to remove my hat. It’s a helluva thing when you start to overheat at -7°C.  

Is that a “Canadian” thing,  or just an “Old Dude out of shape,”  thing?

I think I’d go with option two.


My neighbour asked me if I had a blower,  and I had to admit that in fact,  I *do* have a blower.   Sitting out back under the snow.  It would need many things to get it running again I’m afraid.

It hasn’t been run for a couple of years (remember that whole living overseas thing?)  and the last time I took it in for a “going over”,  the small engine repair Dude quite frankly told me that he’d get ‘er going,  but doing much more than replacing the drive belt would just be a waste of money.   I might just look into buying another machine one of these days.  I’m not overly keen on paying the price of a new one though.  You know me.

“Oh, heated grips, that would be awesome!”.   Then of course I realise, it would just be one more thing to break.

What we need is one of those winters when we have NO SNOW (hey, it happens!) and then there’s an abundance of used blowers in the classifieds as the winter winds down. Not that I’d want to take advantage of anyone or anything,  but if it’s taking up room in your garage and the word is, “get rid of that thing”,  I’m willing to help out.   You know, ‘cause I’m so “helpful”?  


I reckon that’s all I got for today.  A Sunday post is a bit of a rarity for me as it is,  so this’ll have to do.


I think I’ll go watch some football.


Keep it on the hard pack.


Thanks for looking.





  1. When it gets deeper you'll wish you had a new machine.

  2. Never did shovel snow for the last forty years. A local guy on town would come in with his farm tractor and blower, 5 minutes done $8.00 can't beat hat. did have to shovel the steps a bit though. 3 minutes=done.

  3. We had a winter one year when there wasn't any snow and you're right; there are slightly used snow blowers advertised all over. Happily we moved and I never had to learn to use one!

  4. I got tired of shoveling and finally bought a snow blower. It worked really well, didn't get any appreciable snow for three years! :c)

  5. I prefer shoveling. Snow blowers stink and blow it right back to you.

  6. We had a snow blower but was more than happy to pass it on down to our son and go south.

  7. We had us a snow blower today! I blew all day all over the place. Laugh. But it would be a got thing having one because our driveway is quite a piece to shovel. Lucky to have a good neighbour with a truck and blade.

  8. By the time we need one at home, we are in Mexico, AZ, TX or wherever. All those small engine things seem to require more than their share of maintenance.

  9. By the look of the sidewalks and driveways in Eugene recently, I don't think anyone here owns a snow-blower or even a snow shovel. The little plows they attach to the front of the gravel trucks aren't much either! Hope the snow stays up north for the rest of the season - enjoy!!

  10. I like watching the knobs get stuck also...but don't tell anyone.

  11. Wishing you a 'no snow Christmas" some year soon!

  12. Heated Grips?!?! I am picturing the heat melting the ice and then refreezing my hands to the grips while I try to sno blow up the steps and get back in the house so I can unstick my hands. favorite sarcastic font again. Love it when you do that. When are you going to actually put out a sarcastic font that we can SEE!! not just HEAR. Stay warm.

  13. And yes. I am smug because I have a snow blower, and a couple of shovels, and a snow plow on a tractor and we use them all. Different machines for different parts of the landscape, right?

  14. one thing I never owned in life and thus never had to break,,, was a snowblower, help living in Texas for 33 years

  15. Nostalgic or smug? I think I'm feeling smug today as I'm about to head up to the pool for an swim outdoors as it's 75F and sunny here in Palm Springs. How's that for smug??

  16. NIce photos. Reminds me of some winters in Fairfax, VA. No many but a few to make me want to stay in the warm weather during this time of year. Good way to exercise though, if you don't over do it. Might as well enjoy it.


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