Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winter approacheth.

And where’s my toque??

Because the wind is just pickin’ things,  and the ball cap program isn’t going to cut it.  Had too many ear aches over the years to know that I need to cover ‘em up.


This would be my,  “going out to cut the grass for hopefully the last time”  look.


Either that,  or I should be playing in a grunge band. 

I don’t think they let in guys over 50.

Naturally,  by the time I was half ways done, I was starting to boil,  but my fingers were getting numb just the same. 

Ah, that crisp fresh air of fall!

Well, truth be told,  it’s eight freakin’ degrees out.   No real need to translate that to Fahrenheit, water freezes at zero,  you figure it out.

I was having to hustle just ever so slightly,  since it was starting to rain as I was finishing up.  Besides, I do have a slight “problem” with pacing myself.  As soon as I start,  I want to get it over with,  so I tend to move right along.


Lemme see.  What else?

Not much, really. 

I put in a call to the Merc dealer for a set of winter tires.   This is one of these, “if you jump in the deep end, you’d best be prepared to swim” situations?  

See,  when I put snows on the Volvo (four cars ago?) I simply bought the black steel rims,  and then a set of tires and put them on the car.   The car took 16 inch 55 series tires normally,  and the winter tires were 15 inch, but 65 series to give a higher sidewall, and have the same sized wheel overall.  This makes for a better winter tire. 

Further explanations are somewhat moot if you don’t “get’ that much.

Of course,  Travelling Companion didn’t like the look of the black rims,  so I did have to break down and buy some wheel covers.  There went my “cost savings”. Bleah.

However,  total cost was around a thousand bucks.

For the Mercedes?   Oh no baby.   We have to go with “alloy” rims,  since steel rims aren’t available. I happen to think that’s a load of crap,  but let’s not go there.   Naturally,  along with these rims made of “unobtainium”,  we’re going with Pirelli tires. 

Autobahn, here we come!

Not sure what would be wrong with Michelin X-ice, or something similar.   I’m sure they’ll be snazzy.  I don’t even want to mention the price. 

No really,  I don’t.

I’m a firm believer in winter tires.  Notice how I didn’t say “snow tires”.  You don’t need snow to find yourself in trouble once it gets down below 7°C.  Winter tires have a softer compound and do a better job of gripping the road in the cold.  It’s that simple.

It’s kind of like,  not having a roadside assistance service such as Coachnet if you’re travelling far and wide in your RV.  You might *think* you’re going to save some money,  right up until that moment when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you have a flat tire.  It’s kind of like that with winter tires.  You might never feel that you need them, until that moment when you *really* do. 


Anyway,  I made the appointment for next Wednesday,  right after “Breakfast Babes”. 

Have I ever mentioned “Breakfast Babes”?   Maybe not.  Just a group of former employees of my previous employer who converge every Wednesday morning for breakfast.  Most of these individuals are/were of the academic persuasion.    You know, teachers, IAs  (instructional assistants)  along with a few hangers-on such as muggins here.  And well,  there is the odd spouse now and again.


Put it this way,  there’s never any need for menus, since it’s always, “The usual”.   This weekly gathering has been going on for a few years now.  Like over a decade.

There are men in this group too,  not just women.  The thing is,  I do believe one of the men coined the phrase “Breakfast Babes”.   And no,  it wasn’t me.

Once in awhile there are pictures of grandkids passed around,  that kind of thing.  There’s a limit,  of course.  I try to pay attention.  Or at least not have my eyes completely gloss over.   “Oh isn’t he sweet!” 

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever uttered those exact words.  Ever.


Happy Motoring to all the Snow Birds who have flown the coop.  Good on ya.

Two months and a bit and we’ll be getting our dose of heat when we’re off to Hawaii so, you know,  it’s all good.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Winter tires yes always a necessity.
    Cold yeah! its only 4c here further south in Lewiston NY, not great campin weather thats for sure.
    Will be nice for you to get a big of warmth in a couple months.

  2. Great outfit, you look just like that actor, Billy Bob Thornton in the movie "Bad Santa". Were you his stunt double?

    It's getting wintery down here in South Carolina, too. It was 59F out this morning. The birds practically fell from the skies with the brisk air... ;c)

  3. Freakin' cold on Campobello this morning. Thick winter jacket and all... Bea's looking for her long johns.

  4. Winter tires? Snow tires? Don't need 'em out here in the Banana Belt!! Sure don't need 'em down in Palm Springs either.

    Hawaii sounds pretty nice though.


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