Monday, October 21, 2013

And then there was pie.

And no, I don’t mean “pi”.  I’m trying to think now when the last time was when I had to use “pi”. 

Nothing comes to mind.


However,  I just had me the last piece of apple pie,  and boy howdy,  it was mighty fine.


We struck out on the birthday cake end of things,  and that’s OK really.  The cake that we had for son-in-law’s birthday last weekend (two weekends ago?  whatever) was really good and all,  but it was so rich that it took us several days to knock that one off. 


Well see,  there’s no such thing as throwing out cake.  You have to eat it.  Throwing out cake would be like,  oh I don’t know,  having to throw away beer.   So if you’re not going to eat that cake,  then it’s best to not bring it into the house.


My cake of choice is lemon,  with chocolate icing.  Go figure.  But it’s what I like.  Couldn’t find a bakery that would make it,  although there was a place here in Burlington that *used* to do that sort of thing,  but it’s been taken over by one of the former baker’s offspring,  and I guess they (she, the daughter) decided to streamline.   No money for them I’m afraid. You only get what they offer,  but I want what I want. 

So no, I choose not to eat “compromise”.

Just the same,  I didn’t feel any great compulsion to bake my own birthday cake.  I mean, really?  There’s the principle and all.

Besides,  Travelling Companion offered to bake a couple pies.  Alrighty then!


There would probably still be a French Monarchy if only Marie Antoinette had said,  “Let them eat PIE.”   The revolutionary mobs would have probably gone for that.  Just think.  No? 

Actually,  that wouldn't have been a good choice either.

But let’s not get into a history lesson.




Just another gratuitous pie photo.


You can see lots of “autumn leaves” and such elsewhere, so if that’s what turns your crank,  then off you go.


In other ‘news’,  I thought it best to fire up the boiler a couple days ago.  Between the overcast skies all day Saturday (and rain, of course. Like, buckets) there was no chance of maintaining any kind of warmth in the house. 

Not a big deal really,  but I do like to make sure I’ve vacuumed off all the dust and oiled the pump. 



The bit about the dust is just me being well,  a little anal?  It’s not like I want to eat off the floor or anything,  but I’ve never been able to tolerate a messy boiler room.  Probably has something to do with my former occupation.  (Note title of blog?)

The other bonus to finally putting on the heat,  is that I now get a heated shop.



I have a honkin’ big convector in the garage (OK,  Travelling Companion calls it the garage,  but I like to call it my shop,  so there)   and it’s just one of those things that can make a feller happy. 

Does it make sense to describe having heat there as “delicious”?  Maybe I still got pie on the brain.

It’s just a step down from heat from a wood stove.  That’s heat that’s REALLY “delicious”. 


I’ve been in shops,  both woodworking and mechanical,  where they have one of those annoying gas fired heaters mounted overhead?  No thanks.  I’m sure they function just tickety-boo,  but don’t try to carry on a conversation.  Or think straight.


So all in all,  it was a fine weekend. 

No shivering and shaking.   And well, a lot of eating.

I mean,  it’s awesome to make it to another birthday and all,  but I’d better ease up on shoving it into my pie hole,  or I might not make it to the next one.  I might be exaggerating just ever so slightly.

I can still tie my shoes, (mostly) but man oh man.


With that,  I’ll bit you all a ‘good day, eh’


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Pie is the solution to all problems. :cD

  2. There is no throwing out of cakes or pies in this house either - no way! Lemon with chocolate icing, huh? Have to google that if you don't come over with a recipe.
    And- yep, nothing more "delicious" than a house warmed up by wood. We are just experiencing it again after few years suffering without.

  3. I see Bea has been posting a comment already. Of course she's right....about that cake thing. Yep, and I have been working my butt off today in order to get more of that firewood. As long as I don't cut my leg off with that Husquarna chainsaw the whole thing is like a gigantic workout. Makes me very tired in the evening. Snore.....

  4. Now sounds awesome again. Cake is good and any pie is better (that's my opinion). But we try not to have it in the house, ya now it just makes me way too big!
    Glad you got lots for your birthday though.
    Did I say Happy Birthday?
    If not Happy Birthday!

  5. I'd rather have pie than cake too. Those pumpkin and apple pies looked just about perfect. No throw-aways in those two.


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