Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Or at least,  my version of chaos. 


It was just a thought that occurred to me this morning as I was moving things around and trying to do whatever the hell it is that I “do”.  I’m not even sure what I do.



And some days I don’t feel like I do too darned much.  Just wandering around in a stupor.

It seems that trying to ‘put things in order’ is the thing that takes up the bulk of my time/energy/whatever.


In digging through “stuff”,  I came across this “Field Box” back in the spring.  I had put it up in the shed and it was pretty gross and disgusting, thanks to the mice.

It’s those mice again! Gah!




I spent a little time giving it a scrub. I certainly didn’t want to take a “before” photo.  It was nasty.

I think I’ll put it on Kijiji and pass it on to someone who might like to use it.  I just never did do much in the way of flying RC planes.  I think it might have been something to do with having to join a “Club” here locally?   Not sure.  I’m not much of a one for joining clubs.    I built the thing over 20 years ago, and it’s had very little use.

Battery technology is such these days that,  if I truly want to fly a little RC plane,  there are lots of choices out there not requiring fuel.   This box is made to carry around a battery (for starting) and a gallon of Nitro.  Plus all the other “stuff”.


Truth be told,  I’d sooner fly the real thing,  but then there’s the expense.  I’ll just try not to get a crick in my neck from looking up. 

That’ll have to do.

Meanwhile,  I’ve been cutting up the wood left over from tearing out the last of the windows.   It’s cedar, which does burn a little too fast,  but if I don’t burn it,  I’d have to take it to a dumpster somewhere.   May as well warm up the house a little.




When I say “a little”, I’m not kidding.  It’s a wood fireplace that we have downstairs that isn’t all that efficient.  It will warm up the room a little better if you leave the glass doors open,  and the mass of the chimney does get warm if you’re willing to feed the thing enough.   Leaving those glass doors open and leaving the room makes me a little nervous though.  The box isn’t nearly deep enough for my liking.

I suppose the true test would be to break down and buy some actual hardwood to burn?  I’m sure that would be less work.   Getting rid of the left over cedar will have to do for now though.  Way cheaper to just fire up the gas boiler if heating up the place is the objective.


Speaking of mice….

I ordered a new cordless mouse the other day from Amazon and it arrived this morning.  Sure wish I hadn’t procrastinated on that one this long.  What a difference.

See,  the thing with cordless mice is,  dropping them on the floor is not healthy for them.  The one I had been using for oh,  I don’t know,  the last five years?  had ended up on the floor a few times.  I was able to take it apart and sort it out the first few times,  but then it didn’t do well on that last occasion,  and has been a pain to use ever since.  The right button did nothing,  and neither did the wheel.   Like seriously.  I should have just turfed it out,  but that would have meant using the “mouse pad” on the laptop.  

Um, no. 

Now I just have to suck it up and order myself a new computer.  We’re running on borrowed time here with this one.  Besides,  I only have until next April before Windows XP is no longer supported.   And yes I know,  I can download “Mint” or “Ubuntu” or whatever,  and I may very well do that when the time comes,  but then it will be a secondary computer.  So that means that, if I totally bugger something up,  I’m not going to be in a huge mess.   Hey, just trying to not paint myself into a corner here.

And really,  would this have even been something to think about say, twenty years ago?   Gotta have a computer!  How….sad, really.


I typically don’t answer comments because well,  by the time I see if someone has commented,  I figure that “ship has sailed”.   However,  I did want to mention a couple things.

First of all,  the ants were actually really quite tiny.  Maybe no more than a millimetre long?   That’s how they were able to get in where they did.  Bastards.

It’s only the photo that makes them look huge,  but then maybe my leg was being pulled?

Oh,  and they weren’t “Aunts” as Nan mentioned.   I know ( I hope!) it was a typo.   So no,  thankfully I’m not a “great white hunter of aunts” (sic) 

Now that I think on it, it just occurred to me that I don’t have any more living Aunts.  Their demise had nothing to do with me though,  I swear!

But do keep on commenting.  I’ll try not to be too much of a jerk, but I did find that to be somewhat amusing.



*thinks*.  So how would that “Great White Aunt Hunter” thing work?  How do you know someone is an “Aunt”?

“Excuse me?  Do you have any Nieces or Nephews?”

“Why yes, I do.”

*click*   *BANG*!

“Got me another one!”



I’ll leave you with that thought.


But if someone asks you that question?  Just be careful.  Check for ordinance.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. Glad you got rid of the ants... now it's time for the mice to find their winter quarters. Speaking of "aunts"... all my nieces (and 1 nephew) are right around 50 years old... I realized this last visit "home" that they've all finally given up on calling me "Aunt Sharon" and I'm finally just "Sharon". Funny thing is, I'm 71... I still call all my Aunts and Uncles by the full name... even though they're all deceased now.

  2. A new mouse, no ants, and maybe a new computer. Is this progress or what!

  3. I love the way thoughts in your mind wind in and out of reality... :cD

  4. When I got my laptop years ago, I found the mouse inconvenient and quickly adapted to the "mouse pad" after making a few adjustments.
    Nice that you can heat you house a bit and get rid of the scrap wood at the same time.

  5. Laughed out loud at the idea of an Aunt hunter. There should be a little series of books written about his exploits, never caught on his mission to rid the world of 'em


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