Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just shuffling around.


First of all,  I’m pleased to announce, that I did not get kicked off the team. 

The jury was out.

Actually no, that was only a brief thought that my signing up partner and I had on that early Sunday morning when we had made just a couple mistakes when filling out all those forms.  Every penny that is donated to the Terry Fox Marathon has to be accompanied by a form.  I suck at filling out forms.  But, there are “rules” when it comes to not only the forms,  but the fact that donations are eligible for a tax receipt.  As soon as the “Revenuers” are involved,  you have to sit up and pay attention.

I don’t recall just how much money we handled that day (it was in the teens) but on the card that I received in today’s mail, our coordinator mentioned that we had raised 80 grand.  When I say “we”,  I mean all the kind people who came out to run.  I just sat there and counted the money.  That’s something that I can do, although in my previous restaurant lives,  counting money was always something that was done in the quietest moments.   Not sitting at a table outdoors with a slight breeze and any number of other distractions. It was bordering on stressful.

I mean,  it helps if you can count money I suppose, but since at least one site that we know of was unable to do the run that day due to the lack of volunteers,  I think it would take some really egregious behaviour to get “kicked off the team”.   I never even broke wind.

You believe me, right?

OK fine, let’s be truthful here. At least I checked to make sure I was “down wind”.  We’ll just leave it at that.


I just realised that the “shuffling” reference above could very easily be taken the wrong way.  I wasn’t referring to Terry.  No no.

It has more to do with being rousted out of a sound sleep this morning by Travelling Companion at some time that started with a four.  I couldn’t quite bring my eyes to come into focus long enough to figure out the rest.  So my head is emptier than normal.

She said it was something to do with work that woke her up.  That’s never a good thing, but let’s not go there.


You’d think I could take a nap and make it all better, but more often than not, that doesn’t seem to remedy the situation.  

Whatever. I’ll live.



So,  you’re probably wondering just what the heck you’re looking at there?

Well, I mentioned claustrophobia yesterday, which has now become a theme.  This is the space on the west side of the house where there’s a “knee wall”.  I’m sure you remember the sewing room?  That outside wall is the knee wall.  It’s basically a useless space. 

No self portraits either.  I’d kill myself trying to get in there in the ten seconds before the camera goes off.

I’ve been in there a few times over the years.  It looks like I have to go back in and sort out some insulation.  Cripes.

The very first time I had to venture in there,  we didn’t even live here!  My father-in-law asked me to shimmy in there and take a look at an issue he had had with a burst boiler pipe.  This was when he was in the hospital,  and I guess he realised that the weather was starting to get cool, and could I solder in a new piece?   Oh joy. 

Of course,  this was in the fall of 1991, so I suppose I was a bit more “spritely”.  I don’t recall that it was all that easy though.

For the last twenty years or so,  there’s not only been insulation covering the pipe,  but also pipe wrap,  so it’s all good.  Isn’t this fun?



In keeping with the empty head theme,  I think that’s all I got.  The objective will be to try and stay away  awake (see?) until at least 10.   Glurg. 


Hope your team wins.  (You know, that baseball thing?)


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That knee wall doesn't look like a pleasant place to hang out in. I say the bedroom may be more fitting for you about now...

  2. I would rather be counting the money that doing the sweating:)

  3. The house I grew up in Winnipeg had a knee wall - man was it cold in there in the winter. We used to take turns to see how long we could stay in there without freezing. Great memories, thanks.

  4. You could be having fun hanging out there in that knee wall, right???? lol....

  5. It's called "Knee-wall" cause you have to "kneel" there to get in ---and out.

  6. Yikes, a human being can even fit in there? I wouldn't even want to try! :cO

  7. Howdy BoB,



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