Friday, October 4, 2013

Stepping back from the precipice.

“There’s gotta be some way around this,”  was my recurring thought this morning.

See,  I must have *done* something yesterday to the computer.  

“Here we go again,” you’re thinking. 

I’ll be brief, I promise.

I’m not dumb enough to think that it’s somehow the computer’s fault,  but I am just dumb enough to think that I can mess around with a couple things in “msconfig” in order to get the thing to start up just a little faster.

Heh-heh.  *nervous laughter*

My recommendation? 

*ahem* Don’t do that.

Now, I didn’t just “unclick” everything,  I was careful.  Really.  Just the same,  when I fired up this antique this morning,  something wasn’t quite right.  The font down at the bottom of the screen was all wonky,  and not too many things were loading.  *sigh*

I don’t even know how to explain it,  and I don’t even know how I managed to fix it.  Changing things back wasn’t working,  since the program wasn’t “responding”.   I got that message a lot. 

Anyway,  nineteen restarts later, give or take, and we’re back in business. 

It’s kind of like picking away at a scab.  Afterwards,  you realize that it was best to leave well enough alone?  I couldn’t even get to the internet to find some kind of answers.  Just had to muddle along.  There were thoughts of calling someone,  but what do I say?  “It’s just stuck?”  I don’t even have a set of wheels today either,  since T.C. took the car. 

Dodged that bullet.

Thankfully I do my “back-ups”,  since moments like these make me think of something my computer wizard nephew once said: “It’s not a question of if it will crash, but more a question of when.”  



Moving along.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a “pizza stone” at some point,  and found one a couple days ago at Canadian Tire.

I was actually looking for something else entirely,  and when I struck out with that item,  it occurred to me that they just might have such a critter.


But here’s the thing.  Right at the precise moment that I took that picture,   I should have taken that pizza off of there. Even before that,  really.  I ended up leaving it on just a tad too long and singed it a bit. 

A “bit” he says.   *peh*

It was burnt.


But I like the way it works. Just need to turn down the grill a tad. No more saggy pizza bottom.

Sounds like something you get with old age,  which is definitely to be avoided.

Speaking of old age,  I’ll be in to see the Doc tomorrow morning to “go over my results”.  It sounded a bit ominous,  but we’ll see.  The young lady on the phone was reassuring,  or trying to be.

Then I was also told that I have an MRI scheduled for the 26th of November at 7:15 a.m.   Be there a half hour early!  Yay me!  Gonna see if there’s anything in there.

In my head, that is. 

I don’t think they’ll do all of me.  I’ve watched enough episodes of “House” to know what goes on,  but I don’t think I even know of anyone who has had an MRI.   Or at least,  anyone who is willing to tell me.

Maybe when they start with your head they just figure,  “Oh just shove him in there.”  

I guess we’ll find out. 

I have no body piercings or studs or other metal bits,  so there won’t be any bits and pieces flying out of me.  That would be messy. *shudder*



I’m just about done with the windows for *this year*.  At least all the ones that have been beat to pieces by the sun.  I should try and sort out the ones in the basement,  but I don’t know if the weather will hold.  Plus,  due to the proximity to the ground,  I’d really have to use more than a piece of cardboard to close them up for the night with the operator removed. 

I do have some plywood hanging around.

I’ll think on it.


Got a call from T.C. to let me know that she’s knocking off work early today (I know!!),  so she should be home in the mid afternoon.  Note that I didn’t give an actual time?  I ain’t no fool.

Mind you,  she’s had to make an emergency hair appointment,  so odds are good that she’ll show up at the door in a timely fashion.  I’ll drop her off at the salon so they can perform their magic,  and I’ll tootle over to the pub.  

Symbiosis man,  symbiosis.

With the weather the way it is (bloody soggy),  I have very little desire to ride New and Shiny to the pub.  That will certainly cut into the imbibing,  but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. 

So hard done by. 



Keep those sticks on the ice kids.   Hope you enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. My favorite was a help message that actually said "Ask a friend."

  2. That Canadian Tire must be an interesting store. Who would imagine finding a pizza stone at a tire store!

  3. A stop at the pub always works for me.

  4. Donna had the same thought I did - a pizza stone at a tire store - very interesting.

  5. Howdy BoB,
    Let me tell you about MRIs, son... I AM CLAUSTROPHOBIC PAR EXCELLENCE and the VA wants me to do an MRI, so, I did ONCST; no TWICST, once in a tube NONONONO, the next in an OPEN, got 'through it', with Joyce holding me in there, well holding my hand, anyway... The NEXT 3-4 TIMES I tried, but the VA dropped the ball EACH TIME, wrong medication, wrong instructions, wrong machine; TYPICAL VA... One surgeon I spoke to said just to forget it, at my age, I didn't need it !!! So I did !!!
    As tall and 'lean' as you are NO SWEAT, lay down, slide in, listen to the 'HAMMERING', it's done... Wish I could do it !!!!
    Good luck and a HAPPY DAY !!! Have a pint for me too, also !!

  6. I didn't know in Canada you can buy cooking supplies at a tire store. I guess that means you can buy tires at a cooking store?

    MRI? Yuk! I am scheduled for two in the near future, I am terribly claustrophobic, so the VA has promised to load me up with cool drugs so I won't care where I am... :cO

  7. I have had two MRI's 1st time nothing in my head, they called me back two days later to retest, still nothing in my head, I was not surprised.

  8. O.K. a couple of thoughts here - I just hope the MRI guys don't leave you in the MRI thing too long so you come out like your pizza - a little singed!

    As for the pizza stone, I have the same one for my Weber and also bought it at Canadian Tire. I learned after a couple of burnt pizzas that I have to heat the Weber up on high, THEN put the pizza and stone on the grill, close the lid, leave it on high for around 18 minutes and its good (from frozen).

    I used to put the pizza stone on first to let it heat up too - bad idea. The stone just incinerates the pizza.


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