Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My life as a Recluse.

Note that I didn’t make the mistake of using the term “Hermit”.   Not even Herman’s.  I’m too young.

That didn’t really apply to today though,  as I was ‘out and about’.   And you’d better not say “Ooot and aBooot” either.  I’ve never ever heard a Canadian say that.  Maybe it should be “Uuuut and aBuuut”.  But no, not that either.  Sheesh!

We do have diphthongs,  and we know how to use them. 

Who comes up with this stuff?

This was something that had popped into my head yesterday.  The “recluse” part that is.  But that was the extent of it.  I sat here and looked at a blank screen for all of a couple minutes,  and figured that was that.  Just close the damned program and move on.

I’m sure you were better off for it.


I got a *lovely* letter from the hospital where I’ll be having my MRI.   There was some mention of claustrophobia.

Oh?  I don’t *think* I’m claustrophobic. 

I guess we’ll find out.  *slight look of horror*

I had an interesting letter (OK, email)  from someone whom I was acquainted with back in High School,  who now checks in here from time to time, (hey Debbie!)  with an interesting way of describing her experience having an MRI.  It was kind of like reading Tablature, which is a form of musical notation for guitar players.  It was quite entertaining,  and I meant to ask her if I could repeat it here in a public forum.   There was whirring and moaning and well,  it was entertaining. I think the machine was doing the moaning,  but I’m still not clear on that point.

I just have to remember to ask. 

Providing I haven’t deleted that note. 

I’m notorious for deleting gobs of stuff and then trying to find it later.   There’s a story of woe there involving car rentals and e-tickets,  but let’s not get side tracked.  Or self incriminating.  Or maudlin.


Of course,  I’m talking about just hanging out at home and getting stuff delivered to the door. 





I still perk up when I see a delivery truck turn the corner.  

You’d think I was twelve.

This box contains our coffee order.  I think I’ve mentioned this in the past?  If you order enough, delivery is free.  It sure beats driving across town, and it certainly isn’t going to spoil.


I forgot to mention what was in the box that I got last week.  



Um ya.  That one.

Son-in-law had a birthday,  and I had a sneaking suspicion that tools were in order.  Well, he dropped a couple subtle hints.  And I’m OK with that.  Just give me a freakin’ clue.  None of this, “Oh, whatever.”


A twelve volt set similar to this (but without the flashlight) was available at Home Despot for a decent price.


And then I found this set at Amazon, also for a decent price.

tool set_

I was actually quite covetous of the 12 volt set. Because you know, I had to charge them both up for him.  *ahem*

Even the case is kind of awesome,  since it’s like one of those photographers cases.  No plastic.

I have the 18 volt driver and drill combo, and they’re really rather “heavy duty”.  The impact driver can quite easily break off a screw if you really “come onto ‘er”.   So one does have to be a tad careful.

Of course,  the hidden agenda?  He won’t need to borrow my set anymore.  



Saturday night we chowed down on steaks and had cake.  *drool*. 


The steaks were to die for,  and so was the cake.

I guess I was so overwhelmed with all that,  that I completely forgot to take any pictures.  That’s my only excuse.   It was chocolate cake.  The kind where you can only really eat one piece?  Wowsers.


Today was ‘get out of the house’ day,  since I never like to be hanging around when our “lady” comes to clean the house.  I’m not keen on the term “cleaning lady”,  but I’m at a loss.  A couple weeks ago I had enough to keep me busy outdoors,  but lately the grass has been wet in the mornings,  so that was one thing off the list.  That meant,  out I must go.  
First breakfast with the usual bunch that congregate on Wednesday mornings,  (hey,  a feller has to eat)  and then there was some “running the roads” to do.


Not with the bike either.   Please.

Every Wednesday and Saturday we have a farmer’s market at the Burlington Mall.  These days it’s gourds and their brethren.   I bought three small pumpkins for Travelling Companion,  since she mentioned something about pumpkin pie.  My ears do perk up once in awhile.  And she says I never listen!  Ha!

I suppose that could be considered being “an enabler”?  Hey,  if there’s pumpkin pie involved?  You can come up with whatever term you want.


Then I thought I’d try my luck finding a couple doors at the Habitat for Humanity “Restore”.  



You’ll notice that the door to the shed on the left is looking a little worse for wear? 

I struck out.  Again.  I came close,  but I really should have two doors. This isn’t the first time I’ve checked either.  I’m starting to lose hope. It looks like I’ll have to do a repair in the next little while. *sigh*

I was even looking at a type of epoxy that would solve the problem,  but it’s almost as expensive as buying a used door. And then I’d still have an old door….


Then after wandering around the “Restore”, I got this brilliant idea that the boxes of stuff in the back room of the shed that we were going to put in a garage sale back in the spring, were destined to find a new home.

junk that needs to go. 

I took a picture of the contents of the trunk,  but then realized,  “Oh wait,  I think somebody gave us that…(enter name of no longer wanted item).”   So I just thought I’d move that file over into “Paint”,  and do a little “painting”.   Best not to hurt any feelings.  Never know who might be reading…

That was a close one.

We never did get around to having a garage sale,  and I know the freakin’ mice will just have a wonderful time climbing in around all these things,  which would then mean a trip to the nearest dumpster.

That suitcase there on the right was T.C.’s computer bag,  which has literally been all over Europe.  It’s seen the inside of a few airports and car trunks.  And really,  it has a few miles left on it,  so it’ll find a new home I’m sure.  There was talk of firing it in the garbage when we were leaving Vienna,  but I had a problem with that.  “One man’s junk” and all that.



Then I just figured I finish cutting the rest of the lawn,  all the while chomping away at the leaves. 

Call me old fashioned,  but I prefer to have on boots with steel toes whenever using the mower. 



Not exactly a “spit shine” on those suckers.


I’ve seen my neighbour across the street cutting the grass while wearing open toed sandals.  *shudder*.   He’s still got all ten of them,  but that sure wouldn’t work for me.  Besides, last night I’m pretty sure I rolled over some dog shit on the lawn.  Would I want to be wearing sandals??  

I just might have to be looking out the windows on the side of the house for “dog shit patrol”.   I’m not overly keen on folks letting their four legged friends shit on my lawn.  Geese, dogs,  humans.  I don’t care.  Shit somewhere else.



Well,   on that lovely note.   I see by the clock on the wall it’s almost time to head off to fetch T.C.

I’m sure you’re glad you stuck around up until this point.  Try to keep your dinner down.



Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Always something to do here and there.
    Those steaks looks pretty tasty on you Q, should have given us a call would be right there!

  2. A little polish, a little elbow grease and those boots will be shining in now time!

    I have an upcoming MRI and they've promised me some cool drugs to help me get thru it. Don't relish tight spaces. :cO

  3. For a recluse you are pretty active and I think that you really just love to shop. My husband wears shorts year round but with closed toe shoes.

  4. I just tell people I'm agoraphobic so no, I won't be coming to this event or that one. Mostly I just don't want to put on a bra which going out into the world seems to require. But, I think, actually, maybe, I AM a little agoraphobic.
    As to what to call the cleaning lady- I think in Great Britain they just say say "the cleaner." I like that. I sure wish I had one. Some day...


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