Saturday, October 5, 2013

It’s always something.

I always think of Rosanna Danna whenever that expression comes up.

Had my little chat with the Doc.  We were kind of suspecting that my LDL was a little higher than it should be,  so now I have to fill a prescription for Crestor®.

And yes, I realize there’s some controversy around well,  most any drug it seems.   It was either that or Lipitor®.

He left the choice up to me, but did say that he was on 20mg of Crestor® himself,  and had tried Lipitor,  but found it had given him some issues.  I honestly forget what he said his side effects were.  Leg pain?  I don’t remember. 

I should probably be on something for “CRS”,  but let’s not go there.



Thought I’d point out my version of a “leaf blower”.  Seems to work just fine.  At least on the driveway.  I’m not overly concerned about leaves on the lawn. I’ll either get to them with a rake or they’ll blow away. 

I’ve been looking at leaf blowers,  and I have a problem.   All I really need is an electric (corded) model of some make or description. It’s the cheapest way to go.

The “problem” is,  I just find them to be really,  really annoying.  I was going to throw an “F Bomb” in there,  but you can just insert it wherever you’d like.

I mean, I can wear ear plugs or ear defenders,  but I just don’t want to be “that guy” with his annoying leaf blower out there shattering the tranquility.  We do have a couple of them in the neighbourhood.  I cringe.

Once upon a time,  I bought one for the school where I used to work.  It was a gas powered model,  so there was some mixing of gas involved,  but it was somehow rated for a certain noise threshold,  and was considerably quieter than most run of the mill blowers.  

Something about some HOAs in the States setting out requirements for lawn care technicians and the amount of noise they could generate?    OK then. 

I mean,  I realize that’s a good thing,  but it’s just one more reason why I’d never want to live where there’s an HOA.  

For my Canadian friends,  “HOA” does not stand for “Hellishly Overactive Authoritarianism.”   But that would be a reasonable description.  It’s actually “Home Owners Association.”   I have no real opinion on the matter,  with the exception of that first definition there.


Now,  about that Canadian Tire thing.   Yes, once upon a time,  Canadian Tire only sold tires.  Like, fifty years ago?

Of course,  you can only sell so many tires, and over the years this Canadian company started to branch out.  It’s a mixed blessing.  They’re into all kinds of things. If you care to go to their website you can get a smattering.  I guess you could say it’s a step up from Wal-Mart? 

That would be my hope.

I say it’s a “mixed blessing”,  since I quite often strike out if I’m looking for a particular thing.  Just my luck I suppose.

The most recent example I can think of? Well, they have a tool department.  Do you think they had 3” x 21” sanding belts?  Why no,  that spot on the shelf was empty.   I kicked myself for even going in there.

Then earlier this week,  I thought MAYBE they might have some of those “fingerless” gloves in their bike department.  You can use them for sailing too,  and they’re about half the price of a pair with “Ronstan” embroidered on the back. 

Um,  nope.  No such critter.  My next stop was going to be a bike shop,  but then I got sidetracked with the pizza stone idea.


I looked first for a pizza stone in their kitchen department.  No dice.  It was down with the BBQs. 


Granted,  if you’re some sort of consummate shopper,  it’s a great place to wander around in.  Just not my deal, man.   99% of the time,  I want to find what I’m looking for,  get it and get the f**k out. 

Sorry,  there’s that “F-Bomb.”  Seems it’s becoming mandatory.



Anyhoodle,  that’s about all the blather for today. 

Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. When I saw that title, I thought it was a post from one of my favorite people Lo, whose blog is "It's always something"
    She is an 80 something piece of work and I worry if she doesn't post once a week. Anyway nice post...I always enjoy a good ramble and I hate those friggin leaf blowers!

  2. I agree with the Canadian Tire being a mixed blessing, they have so much stock and so many items, but the majority of time, the shelf is empty.
    There is a few of them now that have complete food sections as well, go figure.

  3. Some of the big stores are frustrating for the guy who wants to just walk in and go right to the item you are looking for. There is so much crap it takes 45 minutes to find it (or find a clerk to tell you where it is). Been there, done that.

  4. I'm a "get to the store-find it-pay for it-get the heck out" kind of person so it's not likely I'd appreciate all that Canadian Tire has (or doesn't have) to offer. Since I've been wearing hearing aids (2 months now) noises irritate me no end... leaf blowers are among the worst offenders. I'm thinking I'd rather deal with the hearing loss rather than make it any worse ;-)

  5. HOAs. I struggled with one the last house I owned. Never again. Unless the bonnie bride someday chooses another house in an HOA community. Not only will I be outvoted by the HOA, but by the wifey, too. :c(

  6. Hate leaf blowers. We used a rake and a broom. Jim really likes ACE Hardware cause he can go in and come out with what he needs.

  7. Re. leaf blowers, i have seen people use them, (way back when we had a short-lived town life) next thing you the wind starts blowing from the other side and blows them back. Naw, one needs to RAKE them and sack them. That is if one is really annoyed with those leaves. I am NOT.

  8. we just leave all the leaves right where they are..heck we won't be here so we don't gotta look at them :)

  9. Howdy BoB,
    Actually, you should run-over them with the lawn-mower, with a mulching blade, that most mowers come equipped with these days, and leave the mulch to dissolve in the winter to enrich the soil... If you use a 'leaf-blower', nasty racket, it only BLOWS THEM OFF of your yard and the WIND BLOWS THEM BACK !!! If you 'bag'em' you fill up the landfill WITH USELESS TRASH and it COSTS you more in TAXES !!!
    I know, to some people RAKING LEAVES is a way of life, in the fall..


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